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Quanum Complete FPV Bundle Set w/ Goggles, 5.8GHz 32ch Video TX & RX, CP Antennas and Camera(PNF)

Quanum Complete FPV Bundle Set w...

The new Quanum Bundle is pairing the popular Quanum DIY FPV googles with the SkyZone 200 FPV Plug-And-Fly set making this the most complete FPV combo available at an unbelievable price!

The Quanum DIY FPV goggles are the 2014 FPV produc...

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The new Quanum Bundle is pairing the popular Quanum DIY FPV googles with the SkyZone 200 FPV Plug-And-Fly set making this the most complete FPV combo available at an unbelievable price!

The Quanum DIY FPV goggles are the 2014 FPV product of the year, with a huge field of view and true non-blue screen 4.3inch monitor, customizable housing and focal choices at a price that made the FPV scene explode with new users.

The SkyZone 200 FPV set was bundled together by HobbyKing to be a true plug and fly experience. The set has the Video Transmitter, Receiver, FPV tuned Sony CCD camera and even a set of Circular polarized antennas. The best part is the complete no soldering plug-and-fly wiring harness. This pairs the camera to the video transmitter as well as power to the balance port on your flight pack battery. The receiver has all the required no solder wiring for video and a power splitter for the receiver and Quanum goggles to a standard XT60 connector.

This bundle is perfect for FPV beginners or seasoned Veterans as a simple, fast and fantastic great performing complete FPV set.

*Note: Lots more specs and information can be found on the Quanum DIY goggle and Skyzone 200 P&P set pages here:

Quanum DIY FPV Goggles

SkyZone 200 P&P FPV Set

• Large 4.3 Monitor for a huge FOV
• Customizable housing to fit all types of faces
• Will not fog like traditional goggles
• Plug-n-Fly connection. No soldering required
• Circular Polarized Antenna set included(LHCP)
• 32 channels: Cover A, B, E bands and F bands
• Two switching buttons for the band and channel with LED display on VRX
• Power off memory for last channel and band
• Dual Independent video and audio signal outputs
• Micro sized VTX and light weight - perfect for use with small models
• 32 channels: Cover A, B, E bands and F bands
• Transmitter frequency: 5645-5945MHz with 200mW power output
• Transmitting distance > ~1500m (open area)
• 480TVL Sony CCD FPV camera


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It's a good kit.

I'd strongly recommend you get a case for the headset which would hold the lipo and the transmitter, Otherwise it's just an awkward thing to have on your head.
Excellent kit for the price. Range is pretty good even through walls.

Note for users: Disconnect audio cable otherwise screen seems to constantly go to full static.


I bought this about a year ago. The tx is a v2. I have not been successful in getting audio out. I just recently tried to swith channels for the first time and NONE of the channel assignments are correct. Either the reciever is wrong, the tx is wrong, or both are wrong. Nothing matches up to the chart. I am somewhat pleased overall though because it does work but you have to search through all the channels on the reciever to find a connection. The video quality is acceptable because of the minimal investment. If I used it more I'd spend more. On ground vehicles I get about 120yds Los. In brush I get about 30yds usable range.
It is a good fpv system for its price. The stock lens definitely need to be upgraded as its FOV is extremely small. I changed it to a 2.1mm lens and it is much better. The bundle comes with a lot of wires (cover all setups) and even with standard setup, they add significant weight to the goggles. If you are brave and know what you are doing, all the wires can be trimmed to length. To more extreme, the metal casing for the receiver can be removed to save significant weight. It can definitely be customized for lower weight and ease of use (see pictures in file section). Good luck.
Good product for my first FPV experience. Came with everything needed except for the batteries. I picked up a Zippy 2s 1800 to power the receiver/goggles and that works great (did 3 flights first time out and didn't use 1/2 of the Rx/goggle battery). The kit comes with an adapter so the tx/camera can be powered off the balance plug on your plane/quad's battery (assuming it is 3s) so that is what I have been doing to power that end. I also picked up the neoprene head sock that HK sells for the V2 and it fits this V1 perfectly. I would highly recommend picking that up as well as it makes the whole deal much more ergonomic and comfortable (and makes it so you don't have to cut into the goggles to install the cheap strap they come with). Finally, the directions say to glue or tape the frezna lens in place... definitely tape it. I now understand why the kit comes with 3 of these lenses as I ruined the 1st 2 trying to glue them in before I wised up and taped in on the 3rd attempt. Overall, very pleased with this purchase and can feel an addiction forming.
very easy to connect, connection are all premade and instructions are included to be honest the camera is a little blurry but for the price for the complete kit it is defiantly worth the money great starter package works well on my robocat 270, but if you wear glasses buy the goggles version 2 because glasses wont fit inside version 1 it is too narrow thanks great product
Antennas could be built stronger, but great starter package.
this combo is really quite good as it is all you need in a bundle. it is really easy to set up and connects really easily. But i found that my video on my goggles would cut out for 2 seconds or so but all i had to do was unplug the red and white cable.
cant beat the price. screen is ok could be better camera
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