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Quanum Cyclops V2 FPV Goggle w/ Integrated Monitor and 40ch Receiver

Quanum Cyclops V2 FPV Goggle w/ ...

Quanum set the world into a super spin when they released the revolutionary Cyclops FPV goggles. Some people say the sequel is never as good as the original. 
Well, the Empire strikes back with the Quanum Cyclops V2, with the s...

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Quanum set the world into a spin when they released the revolutionary Cyclops FPV goggles. Some people say the sequel is never as good as the original. 
Well, the Empire strikes back with the Quanum Cyclops V2, with the same features that made the Cyclops a heavyweight in the FPV community the version 2 has this and more.

The team at Quanum have listened adding new features and improving the original ones. Features such as a new receiver, now you can select your desired frequency or auto scan the 40 channels covering A, B, E, F and Race band with the push of a button just like the V1. AV in for ground station support and RF out giving you the option the capture your race or flight and record and review the action and an extra mount for the Quanum Head Tracker. It's everything you need for FPV flying.

Quanum Cyclops V2 is Lightweight and super comfortable, one of the best FPV Goggles on the market today just got better using an upgraded strap with floating rear mounted battery pouch for optimum weight distribution, Improved soft sponge rubber facial foam lined with smooth sweatband material for maximum comfort. New upgraded Video drivers for clearer image.  The one piece molded plastic shell design still allows for those that need to wear glasses during FPV flying and RC drone racing.
The 5”, 800 X 480 non-blue screen monitor and integrated 40 Channel Race band compatible receiver maximizes the users immersive FPV experience.
A true Plug and Play solution that is compatible with Jack, XT60 or even 9 Volt style battery plugs can be used with 7.4 to 12.6 Volt power inputs.

Get immersed and enjoy the freedom and world of FPV flying.

• Plug & Play
• AV in & RF Out
• Selectable frequency
• 5” TFT Monitor with new 3X magnification lens
• 800 X 480 non-blue screen monitor
• Focal length adjustment
• Design allows use with glasses
• Extra comfortable sponge rubber cushioning strips for facial comfort
• Adjustable elastic 3 position head strap
• Durable lightweight plastic molded shell 
• On Screen Menu with adjustable contrast and brightness controls
• 3 Types of battery connections
• 1-button Automatic channel scanning
• 40 channels covering A, B, E, F and Race band
• 7.4 to 12.6v input range

Operating Voltage: 7.4 -12.6v
Receiver:  -90 dBm ISM 5.8GHz 40ch
Antenna connections: SMA
Operating Current: 600mA
Dimensions: 187(L) x 179(W) x 107(H)mm
Weight: 390grams without batteries

1 x Quanum Cyclops V2 FPV Goggle Headset with monitor and receiver
1 x XT60 power cable
1 x 9V6F22 power cable
1 x Dipole antenna
1 x Spare Fresnel lens

Frequency Range:
FR1: 5865M 5845M 5825M 5805M 5785M 5765M 5745M 5725M
FR2: 5733M 5752M 5771M 5790M 5809M 5828M 5847M 5866M
FR3: 5705M 5685M 5665M 5645M 5885M 5905M 5925M 5945M
FR4: 5740M 5760M 5780M 5800M 5820M 5840M 5860M 5880M
FR5: 5658M 5695M 5732M 5769M 5806M 5843M 5880M 5917M

2~3S Battery


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Great value for money better than the v1 optics are better can't go wrong for the price. And the shipping was amazingly fast ordered Monday received Wednesday same week dhl hk go uk
Great service hobbyking
I bought the Cyclops V2's after seeing so many positive reviews with the V1's on RC Groups. I saw some of the mods that people had made with the V1's, referencing issues such as being able to select a specific channel, rather than having to scan to find their channel, and better padding for the frame.

Well, from what I have observed with the V2s? I am VERY impressed, and VERY happy with them.

They're lightweight, they have a neoprene pouch on the back that fits my battery packs, the barrel connector for power is routed nicely to the back where the pouch is, and the elastic straps hold the headset on my face nicely!

Quantum also stepped up and offered two different cable adapters for the batteries that are most commonly used for the headset - XT60, or JST; they work WONDERFULLY at connecting up batteries.

There are only 2 niggling little things about the headset that I have to "complain" about, and they're really kind of minor.

1) The dipole antenna that comes with the headset is...well, it's cheap. I can't say that nicely. It gets the job done, though, and I was able to make a successful flight around my local Little League baseball field with it, but the headset's OSD kept warning me of lower signal levels as I flew. Not much of a surprise there, but it's not the greatest quality for video transmission. I think this is where Quantum cut corners to offer us something at an AMAZING price, though, so in this respect, you kinda get what you pay for. I'm already planning on upgrading to an RHCP SMA antenna, which I have a feeling will improve my video signal.

2) While most people are saying that the headset fits over glasses, the foam padding snags on the sides of mine. I can pull the headset over my glasses, and they fit fine; however, as soon as I try to take them off, they grab the sides of the frames and pull my glasses off. It's not horrible for me, as I'm nearsighted; I just adjust the fresnel lens a tiny bit and I'm seeing clear without the glasses. The other option (which I haven't done yet, because I'm worried that I might not cut the foam cleanly enough) is to "notch" the foam on either side so that the foam won't grab my frames and pull my glasses off. This issue may not be a problem for anyone else; I happen to have a wide face and the glasses I got go right to the edge of my face. But, wanted to let everyone know that it does not fit ALL glasses, more like about 75% of the frames (at least, with the foam padding on each side of the goggles - if it's removed, you might find it a better fit).

Am I happy with these goggles? You betcha. Would I recommend them? At roughly $60 US, they're the best things I've found for the price, and are a great entry level system or even backup for someone else watching you fly FPV. Like I said, my two issues are minor - the first one is easy to fix; just pick up a CP antenna that matches the one on your FPV transmitter when you purchase this headset, if you think that you're going to have an issue with the distance. The second one? Well, that may not even BE an issue for you, unless you have a wide face and the same glasses frames that I do. Even if you ultimately decide it's to be relegated to a "backup" headset, this is the best one I've seen for the price.
I just got my Cyclops V2 today and I have to say that the optics on this headset are as good as any I've tried to date. I haven't had a chance to really give them a good going over as far as the receiver goes except to say that this is far and away better than the early version. I like the option of manual channel selection, plus the AV in and AV out functions. I can't wait for the weekend so I can really try this headset out. I'm 58 years old with reading glasses and to be honest I didn't need reading glasses to see clearly. A HUGE thumbs up!
Very pleased with these goggles. Exactly as advertised. Highly recommended for the price.

Shipping not so much. Shipped via airmail to Canada,cost $24.00 (US) and took 40 days to arrive. Not happy.
Fast delivery by UPS Worldwide Express Saver!
Goggles are good but I want to tell you about the shipping. LESS than 48 hours from when I placed order till I had them in my hands! I live in Canada that's incredible. Use FedEx priority,Thanks hobbyking
This is a great set of goggles at a great price. Ability to manually select the channel/band is a big improvement over the v1s, and really a must have. Picture is nice and clear. I use only +1 reading glasses and found I didn't need them with these. The accessories are very versatile, allowing you to hook up 2s/3s cell for power. The only minor gripes I have are:

-- the screen is a tad big. Be nice if you could set display scale to say 80% to suit racing/freestyle
-- dont know if its just my head but there is not much leeway on how tight you can make the side straps. Feel like I need another 1cm but have run out of velcro on the straps.

But these are just little niggles, love the goggles.
I got my Quanum Cyclops V2's in three days using DHL. I have 2 sets of the Quanum 1's and they are both modified to my face and vision needs. I use them on a ground station.
This pair of Quanum Cyclops V2 is excellent out of the box. The clear lens, the built in RX, the ability for me to use glasses with it and the manual channel adjustment are just great. Also, the ability to also hook it up to my Immersion ground station really makes this QV2 a super versatile goggle. I don't need to wear my glasses with this set because the lens adjustment is well in the range of my sight needs. The monitor is 5 inches and is clear as a bell, and I really like the RSSI built into the RX along with the time, battery life and channel. Also the other standard picture adjustments that we all expect.
All in all for the total price of about $75.00 this is a great deal for the new fpv pilot as well as the seasoned pilot.
I tested this QV2 on all my fpv planes and did not have any problems whatsoever. I'm going to really enjoy flying with this awesome goggle set.
I just received today and I'm very impressed! The V2 is much improved over the original Cyclops - which was already very good. The screen is definitely nicer, with better color and improved clarity. The battery power is now visible on screen as well as a reception indicator letting you know your signal strength.

My only concern is that while testing, I had a moment where the screen went completely black due to degrading signal strength. I never encountered this with the original Cyclops or my Fatsharks. I was testing in my home in flying in my routine areas of the house and was surprised to see the black screen and I had no choice but to let my craft drop. Could be a "one-off" incident, but I will test some more.
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