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Quanum FY Mini 3D PROS 3 Axis Gimbal - GoPro Hero4 Session Compatible

Quanum FY Mini 3D PROS 3 Axis Gimbal - GoPro Hero4 Session Compatible


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The Mini 3D PROS is a professional quality, full function, 3 axis, self stabilising camera gimbal that has been designed for seamless compatibility with the GoPro Hero4 Session camera.

The Mini 3D comes with a vibration damping mount which utilises 6 silicon cusioning balls and can be easily mounted in fixed wing, multirotor and helicopter models in either inverted, vertical or forward positions.

The Mini 3D provides excellent range of movement for your camera.  It can tilt up to 90 degrees down and pan a full 360 degrees.  There are also three working modes to select from, Pan, Pan and Tilt or Lock Mode.  These are very useful in different photography/videography applications, particularly when shooting video on the move.

The gimbal is very easy to setup.  It will initialise automatically on power-up and of course firmware updates are downloadable through a mini USB port. 

The Quanum FY Mini 3D PROS is exactly what you are looking for in a professional level 3 Axis camera gimbal, a quality product that is easy to intall and use, is stable, reliable and robust and at this price is just great value!

• For use in fixed wing, multirotors or helicopters
• Can be mounted inverted, vertically or front on.
• Self initialising on power-up
• Compatible with GoPro Hero4 Session
• 6 silicon cushion vibration damping mount
• Excellent range of movement - Full 360 degree Pan
• Three operational modes
• Firware upgrade from USB port

Height: 99.7mm (Includes damping mount)
Width: 73.5mm
Working Voltage: 7-17V
Static Attitude Tracking Accuracy:0.01 - 0.05
Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy: 0.1 - 0.5 
Tilt Angle: -90degree (down)  +45 degree (Up)
Roll Angle: 45 degrees
Pan Angle: +360 degrees
Panning Increments : 3 - 75 degree/sec
Weight: 167g (Gimbal only)

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An amazing gimbal for the price! Out of the box it worked first time, i plugged the power in and it was ready to fly. Stays steady even on the sharpest of rolls and steepest of climbs and dives. It feels very well built, good and sturdy, yet very light weight. I am using it with my Runcam 3 and it performs flawlessly. No messing about trying to trim it, or adjusting gain and power levels - unlike the two Walkera gimbals i have - both of them are a nightmare to set up, and even then they flip out during tight turns. But this Quanum is a dream to use. I very much recommend it to anyone with a Runcam3 or Gopro Hero 4 Session. With the Runcam you can still access the SD card slot and shutter and wifi buttons, so a win win!.
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verified_user Quality
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works amazing, just cant change the sd while the gopro is on the gimbal :(
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