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ARC R11 1/10 Electric Touring Car Chassis (Un-Assembled Kit)

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ARC R11 1/10 Electric Touring Car Chassis (Un-Assembled Kit)

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ARC R11 1/10 Electric Touring Car Chassis (Un-Assembled Kit)

The ARC R11 1/10 Chassis is the next iteration of ARCs highly successful 1/10 R10 touring car chassis. After months of listening to users, then development and testing ARC have come out with the new R11 touring car chassis.

The R11 chassis has been designed to reach a number of goals over the previous version as well as providing other improved performance benefits. The improvement criteria for the R11 was to lower the center of gravity and provide a more centralized weight distribution to improve the performance and handling of the car on all tracks and surfaces over the already successful R10 chassis. As well as this, fine tuning was completed on other parts of the chassis to make this an exceptional touring car.

This has been achieved by a number of changes to the chassis. The motor has been moved inboard by 4mm and the chassis widened by 4mm. The bulkhead has been moved inwards by 1mm with the lowering of the shock towers. The front spool and rear gear differential have also been lowered. All this combines to lowering the C of G.

The chassis has some great innovations such as keyed bulkheads, DCJ as standard and a motor recess cut on both sides to improve balance and handling.

New big bore shocks have been provided to give better handling in both low and high grip conditions. The motor mount is now one solid piece of aluminum which allows the chassis and motor to flex independently without it affecting any drive train alignment. All the new aluminum parts are now keyed to the chassis to minimize the chances of tweaking during racing.

Lots of changes have been made to help make adjustments. From split inner toe blocks to new bearing and collar systems all help make adjustments a breeze. The new floating steering rack has not only been lightened but has even more adjustment than the previous version. Front DJ CVD’s are a must for any upgrade but are standard on the R11. Even the battery mount has been lightened to help centralize weight.

All these changes combine to make the ARC R11 the best 1/10 electric touring car chassis on the market and can be tuned for any track conditions and driving style.

• Double deck structure carbon fiber chassis
• Highest grade 7075-T6 Aluminum in satin black
• Aluminum adjustable oil filled shocks with new pistons for better handling in high and low grip conditions
• Fully adjustable wheel alignment
• Low center of gravity
• Improved handling
• Belt driven 4WD layout
• Double Carbon Joints (DCJ) as standard
• Keyed bulkheads
• decals

Length: 365mm (with bumper)
Track Width: 188mm Front; 188mm Rear
Wheelbase: 258mm
Ground Clearance: 5~6mm
Internal gear ratio: 2

2CH radio system
2S 7.4V Lipoly battery
Standard size servo ~ Low profile servo
Motor Pinion (48p)
Touring car body
Battery Charger
Building tools
CA Glue
Polycarbonate Spray Paint

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