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RCGF 10CC MKII 2-Stroke Single Cylinder Gas Engine w/CD-Ignition 1.9HP@12000RPM

RCGF 10CC MKII 2-Stroke Single Cylinder Gas Engine w/CD-Ignition 1.9HP@12000RPM


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RCGF engines have proven themselves the world over for quality and reliability. The RCGF 10cc MKII comes with the DA style porting, giving plenty of power and easy tuning while still maintaining a smooth idle.


The latest version of this excellent engine includes an all new carburettor and cast aluminum fuel pump
manifold making this engine even more reliable than its predecessor.


The engine includes standoffs for mounting to engine boxes and firewalls, spark plug, muffler and electronic ignition module. Just add an ignition battery, prop, and mount it up to your preferred airframe.


A feature of RCGF engines is that every one is test run and the carburetor is tuned before it leaves the factory. However, due to different altitudes and weather conditions slight adjustments will be necessary when you run your engine for the first time.


• DA style porting delivers excellent power and easy tuning
• New and improved carburettor
• Cast aluminum fuel pump manifold
• All cast aluminum crankcase
• Single bolt prop mount
• Includes compact muffler
• Complete with electronic ignition module
• Mounting standoff spacers included


Displacement: 10cc (0.61 cu in)
Bore/Stroke: 1.08 in (27.5mm) 0.77 in (19.6mm)
Weight: 570g
Carburetor: RCGF Pump, diaphragm butterfly valve type
Prop Speed: 1800-12000rpm
Max power: 1.9hp / 1.4kw
Suggested prop: 13 x 6, 14 x 6, 13 x 7
Ignition: CDI (4.8 - 8.4v)
Mixture: Pre-mixed fuel 25-40 gasoline: 1 (90 octane gasoline)
Engine Height: 74mm (Mounted)
Length: 147.5mm
Width: 54mm



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Great little engines (I bought 2 of them) and have run both of them on the test stand. Easy starting and wants to pull my test stand all over the place. The high end needle on both were set too lean but that may be because I'm at 2220 ASL and I think they are set for near sea level. The only gripe is the price which is $200.00 each plus $35.00 shipping and UPS charges of $32.00 for a total of over $595.00 Canadian
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playlist_add_check Overall
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A very good 2-stroke engine easy to tune and a nice runner with plenty of power once run in this is a good quality motor. The carburator is much better than the first one. My only gripe is the price at $200.00 that equates to just over $310.00 NZ dollars a lot for a small motor as i would get another one.
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