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Reflex XTR2 Ultimate-Edition with 3.5mm Mono Cable

Reflex XTR2 Ultimate-Edition with 3.5mm Mono Cable


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The new Reflex XTR2 is the result of many years of development in close co-operation with the R/C hobby community. It has resulted in a class-leading, sophisticated simulator that is suited to beginners and advanced pilots alike. In addition, highly sophisticated, FREE model and scenery design tools are available online to further extend the advanced capabilities of Reflex XTR2.

The new stereoscopic 3D mode produces truly impressive spatial depth perception and has been programmed in both sceneries and models. The stereoscopic 3D is so realistic in flight that you will move back if you accidentally fly your model back into you!

The simulator can operate in either one of 2 Stereoscopic 3D modes: either using red/cyan anaglyph glasses (included with the simulator), or using 3D shutter glasses. Note that 3D shutter glasses require the use of a 120Hz 3D display and NVIDIA-compatible graphics card.

Heli pilots, we've found, are particularly favoured by the most realist physics, rotor, and smoke we've ever experienced in a sim and also by the introduction of stereoscopic 3D technology as close-in hovering work, 3D flips, autorotations, etc benefit from the new ability to see real spatial depth in your model and field. If you get too close, your tail-boom will actually appear to poke out of the screen - which can be quite alarming when you're close-in hovering!

Of course, the simulator runs in normal mode too. If you want the ultimate in flight training and realism, give the Reflex XTR2 a try.

• Stereoscopic 3D mode adds new dimension to training and realism
• Incredible new rotor and exhaust visualisation
• New 'Crash and retry' trainer function for difficult manoeuvres
• Around 50 helicopters and 50 airplane models included
• 20 photographic sceneries included
• Stereoscopically enhanced photo sceneries
• Network flight for up to 8 pilots flying over the internet or local network
• Revised helicopter physics and flight parameters
• Model editor program (RMK) for model customization
• Fantastic free scenery editor for photo scenery construction downloadable
• Use the downloadable FREE IZ3D stereo 3D driver to switch between 3D and normal when using anaglyph (red/cyan) glasses

Reflex XTR2 Install disc
Red/Cyan anaglyph glasses
Transmitter interface cable with 3.5mm Mono Cable

Computer System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP2), Windows® Vista® Windows 7, Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64 with 1.6 GHz
512 MB RAM
2 GB free hard disk space.
DirectX 8.1 compatible video card with 3D hardware acceleration and 64 MB RAM.
USB 1.1 or 2.0 port.
CD-ROM or DVD port


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Good simulation algorithm. As I do DJI phantom and Q500 training, both models in the simulators are very similar to the actual models and you can custom map all functions of the Q500 (modes, RTH, even cam panning). Also the graphic quality of the model is very high! However, the layout is old fashioned comparing to the other simulator on the market.
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verified_user Quality
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Je suis tres decu de cet achat, j'avais le version precedente qui fonctionnait super bien avec win xp mais pas avec win 8. J'ai essaye avec des graupner mx12 et mz18, avec une hitec focus 6 et une mpx evo7 et un joystick et meme le RX2SIM rien ne fonctionne a part les leds et ce dans tous les modes 1 semaine de tentative. J'ai meme honte de bosser dans l'informatique apres un tel echec.
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  • Reflex XTR 2 Flight Simulator

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