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RJX SP Racing F3Evo flight controller with F3 or F3Evo Special PDB

RJX SP Racing F3Evo flight controller with F3 or F3Evo Special PDB

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When drone racing you need a streamlined, clean set up, fewer wires and a compact power supply. RJX have released a power supply board and an F3/F3 Evo flight controller together in a stackable bolt and plug in combo. Designed specifically for the drone racing pilot this small, Lightweight combo with excellent crash durability and able to handle the rough world of RC quad racing.
Powerful yet compact the flight controller uses cleanflight of betaflight, has next generation STM32 F3 processor and features the latest accelerometer. Compatible with mainstream receivers such as DSMX/2, XBus, SBus, Micro-SD port make tuning and set up a breeze. Dedicated output for programmable LEDs (great for orientation, racing and night flying.) Bolted and plugged directly below the flight controller is the power distribution board. Supplying power to your ESC's with well-positioned solder tabs makes changing out ESC's child's play. 12/5V powering your FPV equipment like a camera and VTX. Battery monitoring and a buzzer for audible tones and warnings.

With RJX you can really clean up and streamline your racing act.

• Small lightweight compact design
• Tidy with fewer wires and connections
• Excellent crash durability
• F3/F3A Flight controller using Cleanflight or Betaflight
• Compatible with mainstream receivers 
• Dedicated output for programmable LEDs
• Well-positioned solder tabs for power and ESC's
• Buzzer for warnings and audible tones 
• Easy to install and set up
• All hardware, plugs and pins included

Sizes: 55 x 38mm(PDB), 37 x 37mm(FC) (both have 30.5mm mounting holes)
Weights: 6.8g(PDB), 5.3g(FC)
Input power: 8~21v (3~6S LiPoly battery)
Power to ESC: 4 x 30A
Output power: 12/5V 
BEC: 5V/2A

1 x RJX Flight controller
1 x RJX power distribution board
All hardware, pins and Plugs for installation

  • SKU 178000250-0
  • Brand Unknown
  • Capacity (mAh) -
  • Shipping Weight(g) 55.00
  • Length 123.00
  • Width 22.00
  • Height 90.00
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