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RMILEC R4047NB20 Channel UHF LRS Receiver For NB20 System

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RMILEC R4047NB20 Channel UHF LRS Receiver For NB20 System


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Replacement RMILEC 20 Channel R4047NB20 UHF LRS Receiver for the NB20 System. When the R4047NB20 receiver is combined with the NB20 system and it is set up to use all of its 20 available channels, your models parameters can be adjusted in flight, meaning a pilot and co-pilot / aerial videographer can work together with a single radio system, In addition to this, the new system offers vast improvements in both range and reliability as any source of interference can be quickly and accurately ruled out.
The NB20 system adopts the very latest RF technology, providing very high adjacent channel rejection ratio and anti-blocking performance. The NB20 receiver can detect the frequency and amplitude of EMI interference with unbeatable accuracy and precision.
The RF performance of the latest NB20 system surpasses the older generation 4047 system. The system uses superfast processors for signal transmission and acquisition which delivers extreme accuracy. In short the NB20 system offers staggering performance and quality for the long range flying enthusiast and all at an affordable price.

The receiver is supplied with two PCB dipole antennas and two matching MCX type conecter cables which plug directly into the NB20 receiver.
• Incorporates the very latest RF technology
• High adjacent channel rejection and anti-blocking performance
• Superfast processors for signal acquisition
• 20 channels of PWM, 18 channel SBUS or up to 14 PPM inputs
Sensitivity: -115dBm
Adjacent Channel Rejection: High
Anti Signal-blocking: High
Operating Frequencies: 435 +/-2.5,445 +/-2.5, 455 +/-2.5, 433ISM (selectable)
Signal Of Servo For Transmission: 20ch
Signal Of Servo For Output: PWM output 20ch, PPM output 20ch, SBUS output 18ch
Input Mode: PPM, PWM, SBUS
Receiver Weight: 30g

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