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Rotor Head Set - Walkera V450D01 FPV Flybarless Helicopter

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Rotor Head Set - Walkera V450D01 FPV Flybarless Helicopter

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Rotor Head Set  - Walkera V450D01 FPV Flybarless Helicopter

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rc dude | Verified Buyer

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Feb 18, 2015

So I bought this helicopter from a different website. But I have been getting my replacement parts from hobby king. So let me begin. I just orders my second one of these. The first well I was checking that all bolts were tight and the bolts holding the blade arms snapped. On thenext one iI bought I didn't lock tight the bolts so they wouldn't shear... well they vibrated loose well I was hovering and threw the blades accros the yard and when it crashed it broke the ball link in the blade grip. So one the one I just ordered I'm going to try a little bit of hot glue to gum the threads and expencive piece to buy and it do sent hold up all that great. But you have to have it so just make sure it won't fly apart on you. And if you still have the original it is thread locked in place if you try to remove it you will probably break it like I did.

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