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Basher RZ-4 1/10 Rally Racer V2 (Pre-assembled Kit)

Basher RZ-4 1/10 Rally Racer V2 (Pre-assembled Kit)

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Basher RZ-4 1/10 Rally Racer V2 (Pre-assembled Kit)

When deciding on a new RC car the first question most people ask is whether they want an on-road or off-road car, well why not get a model that does both? This superbly built rally car is based on a race proven touring car with a significantly raised ride height and 2mm aluminum chassis that is just asking to be run on a variety of surfaces. You want to bash on a dirt track? No worries.  You want to race your friends around an asphalt special stage course? Not a problem. Snowing outside and feel like a bit of Swedish rally action? Go for it! In fact, like its full scale cousins, the RZ-4 V2 will take to just about any terrain you want to throw at it, even jumps won't phase this car.

Everything about the RZ-4 V2 says quality, from its silky smooth aluminum shocks and whisper quiet drivetrain, to the aluminum shock towers and orange anodized bulkheads and hinge pin retainers, to super resilient composite suspension arms, nothing has been left to chance. It even comes with an oil filled rear gear diff and front spool (locked diff) at the front for that point and power-down-action you want from a true performance car. It now comes with a tough polycarbonate body with window masks and body stickers. Just paint it up how you like it.

Even with all this great gear it wouldn't be a performance car if you couldn't modify it so we have a huge range of option parts to go with the RZ-4 V2 so you can tune the tires and wheels, anti-roll bars, steering rack or shock springs to name a few to give you plenty of tinkering options.

This is the pre-assembled version of the RZ-4 V2 without electronics so you can decide on the speed controller, motor, radio and servo you want to use.

Put simply this is one of the best chassis' we have ever offered, so if rally is your thing or you simply want an all-round scale looking car that you can use pretty much anywhere then the Basher RZ-4 1/10 Rally Racer V2 with its new tough polycarbonte body is for you.

• High quality aluminum chassis/upper deck/shock towers
• Adjustable aluminum shock
• Aluminum arm mounts included
• Quick changed battery system
• Come with all terrain rally tires
• Belt drive 4WD
• Fully adjustable chassis stiffness/alignment
• Tons of spare and option parts support
• Polycarbonate body shell
• Window masks and body stickers
• Affordable price

Length: 365mm
Track width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Tire width: Front - 26mm; Rear - 30mm
Internal ratio: 1.9:1

Battery for transmitter
2S 7.4V LiPoly battery pack
2CH radio system
Standard size servo (recommended Trackstar TS-D10HV 10Kg steering servo)
ESC (recommended Trackstar 80A Turbo Sensored Brushless ESC (ROAR approved))
Motor (recommended Trackstar 17.5T Sensored Brushless Motor (ROAR approved))
Polycarbonate paint
Battery Charger
Building tools


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Very nice car :). Lots of fun to drive and it is pretty fast too.
A tray making it possible to mount a dust cover like the one from dusty motors i got on my trooper. Then this car would rock even in rough terrain.
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verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
Great little car good specs and durability
but only if you keep it away from loose dirt pebbles etc.

Spare parts are very expensive.
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verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
Seems good sfaff... will see
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playlist_add_check Overall
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