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S500 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 480mm - Integrated PCB Version

S500 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Fram...

An excellent strong lightweight glass fiber Quadcopter frame with landing gear and a bonus power distribution board (PDB) build-in for neat and easy wiring. This Quad has 480mm motor centers so is ideal for 9 and 10 inch props and it also has an a...

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An excellent strong lightweight glass fiber Quadcopter frame with landing gear and a bonus power distribution board (PDB) build-in for neat and easy wiring. This Quad has 480mm motor centers so is ideal for 9 and 10 inch props and it also has an adjustable battery mount to achieve the perfect weight distribution and the bottom frame is ready to take a whole host of camera mounts and gimbals making it perfect for FPV and filming projects.

The S500 is supplied with 2 x blue and 2 x black arms that are super ridged and have a carbon fibre rod through the center making for the strongest arms we have seen to date in this style of frame. The Blue and black arms make orientation much easier and there is no need for different colored props. The included landing gear has plenty of height making it suitable for GoPro type gimbals or similar. Another feature of the S500 is that when assembled the arms have a slight up sweep, this gives the Quad a dihedral effect which helps make it very stable, especially when descending from altitude.

Assembly of this frame is super simple with pre-threaded sleeves for all the frame bolts so no lock nuts are required. It utilizes one size bolts for the entire build which means you only want one size hex for the assembly. Another feature is the locating tabs for the arms which enables you to achieve the perfect alignment when building. The motor mounts are ready to take a selection of motors with mounting hole centers of 16, 19 and 25mm once again making this a very universal frame at a very affordable price.

We offer a full range of multi-rotor flight control boards, motors, speed controllers, batteries, camera mounts and gimbals and much much more. Take a look at the related items so you can build your S500 and know it is going to perform brilliantly, it has never been easier or more affordable to get your Quad in the air. 

• Built from quality glass fiber and polyamide nylon
• Pre-threaded brass sleeves for all frame bolts
• Locating tabs for arms
• Colored arms for orientation to help you to keep flying in the right direction
• Integrated PCB connections for direct soldering of your ESCs
• Easy assembly

Motor centers: 480mm
Height: 170mm
Weight: 405g (frame only)
Motor Mount Bolt Holes: 16~19~25mm

4 x 28mm 800~1000KV motors
4 x 18~30A speed controllers
4 x 9x4.7~10x5 props
1 x HobbyKing® multi-rotor control board
1 x 2200mah 3S 11.1V to LiPoly battery or more.


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I Purchased this as a first build from scratch for me. I read about the legs being a concern & thought they would be ok, However I have just completed my 5th flight & had a slight bounce on landing, next thing I know is the props hitting the floor ! The legs are in deed very weak.
I cannot stress how much this can put you off this machine, I would love to be able to put a different type of undercarriage on it!
Other than the legs everything else is spot on.
I wanted to build a quad from scratch to fly a Gopro 4. Overall I'm happy with the product, but if I would have to do it again I would get a S550 hex and 4S battery because of the extra lift capacity. Without the gimbal I get 14 min of very gentle flying with a 3S 5000mAh nanotech battery and 10x4.5 props. With gimbal ~10 min.

Two things to consider are the screws are of poor quality, after assembling/dissembling the frame a couple of times during building the heads have worn out. Furthermore I have lost a couple of the screws during flight.. Secondly the legs are very poor quality and break very easily! The rest of the frame is very strong, I have a pretty bad crash and only the legs broke!

My setup:
Multistar 2216-800kv motors
MultiStar 30A BLHeli-S ESC
Gemfan 10x4.5 and 11x4.5 props
5000mAh 3S lipo
DJI Naza-m V2
DJI Zenmuse H3-3D

My gain settings:
[Pitch, roll, yaw, vertical]
Basic: 120, 120, 100, 120
Attitude: 100, 100

Angular rates: 200, 200
Very lightweight, easy to assemble. I love it.
This frame is sturdy and easy to assemble, the legs are plastic but sturdy, However there is not much room for my Naza m lite flight controller. I mounted it on the bottom plate and the top plate pushes against the flight controller when I mount the top plate. I don't have any room to put my battery strap through the top plate. I wish HK would have put in the item description that this frame best fits slim flight controllers.
con este inicie en los quadcopter
Great frame. Very stable and perfect for aerial video. I'm using 2212 motors with 9045 props (switching to 1050) and it runs smooth as silk. If no camera gimbal is used, ensure battery is slid forward to form a good balance. Landing gear are more fragile than toothpicks, but replacements are cheap and plentiful. The plates are rather narrow, pretty much forcing location of the FC to the top, but still well laid out.
Excellent frame, well finished, strong arms and the integrated solder point for the XT60 is perfect. I Just finished this frame with Naza Lite upgraded to Naza MV2( thanks Naza Upgrade Project!), Sunny sky 2212/13 980Kv, the new Flycolor 20A Raptors with Bl Heli, and 1045 Gemfan carbon nylon props. However the Naza will NOT fit between plates without touching so I added some spacers between bottom plate and arms. A couple of millimetres is all that's needed. Perfect combo on 3s power, and using the Multistar 5200mah I get approx 15 mins. Next will be adding a dual battery mount and testing some Nano Tech 4s batteries with 9045's. Great frame and for the money a super deal,highly recommended! Look forward to building the S550 for AP and FPV. Thanks HobbyKing
I bought this frame as an entry into quad flying. It has survived several hard crashes only requiring a replacement landing skid. The screws going through the skid and into the lower part of the arms are a bit short and can pull out. I would recommend purchasing some screws a few mm longer if the frame is going to have a hard time. Very good frame to start with and probably very good for an experienced flyer as well.
I like the way the frame went together. I'm spinning 11x5.5 props using 35 series motors. FC is a pixhawk. It's very fast and stable. However, one of my arms had a manufacturing defect and broke as soon as I gave the motors some throttle. Replacement arms are only $5, so buy spare arms right off the bat.
Awesome quality, very strong, arms are very stiff. Bargain price. I also have the S550 which is even better. 5/5.
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