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Sanwa RX-481 2.4GHz FH3/FH4T Super Response 4ch Receiver with Built-in Antenna

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Sanwa RX-481 2.4GHz FH3/FH4T Super Response 4ch Receiver with Built-in Antenna

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Sanwa have always been renown for their ability to think outside the box and develop innotative ideas, they have done it again with this receiver that has a built-in antenna. This does away with the hassle normally associated with routing the antenna or even having it damaged in the event of a crash. The unique design also has a slightly smaller footprint and due to this design the servo plugs are also offered some form of protection.

Sanwa recommend that the receiver is mounted upright with the antenna at the top and also that the receiver is mounted as high as possible in the model. This will ensure the best possible reception and range, they also do not recommend this receiver for model boats, it should only be used for RC cars and trucks.

The RX-481 Super Response receiver is compatible with Airtronics and Sanwa FH3 and FH4T transmitters such as the M12S, M12, MT-4S, MT-4, MX-3X, M11X, EXZES-Z and Gemini X. It features an extremely low latency time and high frame rate which makes you feel more connected to your model than ever. When you combine this with their Super Response SRG digital servos you will get reaction speeds like never before. The Super Response (SSR) feature is only available when used with an Airtronics or Sanwa FH4T transmitter in SSR mode and using the SRG servos.

This receiver is compatible with other brands of servos and also analog as well as digital, however if using analog servos then you must use the "NOR" channel response mode otherwise you will risk damaging the servo and the receiver.

• Built-in antenna
• Unique compact design
• Lightweight
• Low latency time
• High frame rate
• Failsafe
• Wide input voltage

Model: RX-481
Code: 107A41251A
Number of Channels: 4
Frequency: 2.4GHz FH3/FH4T (selectable via transmitter)
Input Voltage: 4.8~7.4V
Battery Failsafe Limit: 3.5~5V (FH3) 3.5~7.4V (FH4T)
Dimensions: 0.71 x 0.96 x 1.06ins (18.2 x 24.4 x 27.1mm)
Weight: 0.25oz (7.1g)

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