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SKYRC Ultimate Duo 400W 20A AC/DC Balance Charger/Discharger/Power Supply (US Plug)

SKYRC Ultimate Duo 400W 20A AC/DC Balance Charger/Discharger/Power Supply (US...

3080 g

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The SKYRC D400 is a high-performance, microprocessor controlled charge/balance/discharge station with battery management features suitable for use with all current battery types.

 With a maximum 20A charge current and 400W charge power the D400 doesn't lack the power to charge even the largest packs in regular use and its High Voltage LiPo (LiHV) mode enables it to cope with the new generation of LiPo batteries with an end of charge voltage 4.35V. A programmable terminal voltage feature (expert users only) allows for fine tuning of all of your packs.


Automatic charging current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold and processing time limits all add up to make this feature-loaded charger easy and safer to use than ever before.


Being a true twin-channel charger with two independent circuits the D400 can charge 2 different types of battery simultaneously to their maximum capacity. It allows the 400W total output to be distributed between the 2 charging channels, so that Channel 1 could be operating at 300W while Channel 2 was at 100W. Please note the Max power for Channel 2 is 200W, while Channel 1 is capable of 400W.


The D400 has a built-in 6~15V 10A power supply output for using with external devices. It can be used as a battery meter and an internal resistance meter to monitor the efficiency of all of your packs and having the facility to upgrade the firmware via the USB port means that the Ultimate Duo 400W charger is a sound investment for your future needs too.


All said, the SKYRC Ultimate Duo 400W charger is a self-contained battery management tool for ALL of your battery charging, monitoring and maintenance needs.



• Self-contained 400W charger/balancer/discharger/DC power supply
• Twin output
• Clear LCD backlit display
• Tough metal case
• Mains or battery powered
• 10A Power supply
• USB communications port
• LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, LiHV, NiMH,NiCd & Pb support
• 1~7 Cell LiXX/ 1~18 cell NiXX/ 1~12 cell Pb
• Simple, push button operation



DC Input Voltage: 11~18V 
AC Input Voltage: 100~240V
Display Type: 2 x 16 LCD Display 
Backlight: Blue
Case Material: Metal 
Controls: Eight Buttons
PC Communications: USB Port 
External Port: 2-7S Balance Socket-XH, Temp probe, output, DC Input, Micro USB Port
Delta Peak Detection for NiMH/NiCd: 5-15mV/cell (default: 4mV/cell)
Charge Cut-off Temperature: 20°C (68°F) ~80°C (176°F) adjustable

Charge Voltage: NiMH/NiCd: Delta peak detection
LiPo: 4.18~4.25V/cell LiIon: 4.08~4.2V/cell
LiFe: 3.58~3.7V/cell LiHV: 4.25~4.35V/cell
Balance Current: 500mA/cell
Reading Voltage Range: 0.1~30.45V/cell
Battery Types/Cells: LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV: 1~7cells
NiMH/NiCd: 1~18cells
Pb: 2~24V

Battery Capacity Range: NiMH/NiCd: 100~50000mAh
LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV: 100~50000mAh
Pb: 100~50000mAh
Charge Current: (0.1A~20.0A) x2
Safety Timer: 1~720 minutes 
Output: 400W Total (Ch1 <400W, Ch2 <200W)
Discharge Current: (0.1A~5.0A) x2
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: NiMH/NiCd: 0.1~1.1V/cell
LiPo: 3.0~3.3V/cell LiIon: 2.9~3.2V/cell
LiFe: 2.6~2.9V/cell LiHV: 3.1~3.4V/cell
Pb: 1.8V
Discharge: 36W x2
DC Power Supply Output: 6~15V (10A max)

Balance Cells: 2~7 cells
Memory: 10 x2 Charge/Discharge Profiles
Charge Method: CC/CV for Lithium Types and Lead (Pb) Batteries, Delta-peak Sensitivity for NiMH/NiCd
Case Size: 258 x 194 x 82.5mm 
Weight: 2510g


SKYRC Ultimate Duo 400W
Charging Cable X 2
Banana connectors with XT60 connector Charging Cable X 2
Power Cord (US plug)
XH Adaptor X 2


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- I mainly purchased this charger because it was dual channel, high power, and seemed high quality.
- This charger is much larger and heavier than I expected. In a way this is good, because it usually means the internal power supply is of good quality (larger components and heavier transformers to handle more current). Keep this mind in case you have limited space for charging.
- I did notice minor issues with the accuracy of this charger. One anomaly, when charging 3s Lipo's, once the charge completes it shows the total voltage as 12.61 (it should only be 12.60 maximum); However, when I look at the individual cell voltages, they all show up as 4.20 volts. To make things more interesting, when I measure the battery voltage with a multi-meter, I only read 12.55 volts. This isn't too big of deal since it doesn't seem that far off and I notice that other chargers have this issue as well. This may be able to fixed with calibration of the charger.
- The external power supply takes up the second channel output. It would be nice if the external power output was independent of the other 2 channels, that way I could power a third charger at the same time while charging two batteries with this charger, so I just figure the external power output as an unnecessary bonus.
I do like the fact that this charger has provisions to charge DJI batteries, I plan on putting that to use so I can charge multiple DJI batteries at once. The USB port on this charger is nice too, as I can use it to charge my FPV tablet.
- I also like that the fan only runs when necessary (seems to only run while charging at 1.5 amps or more), instead of being on all the time like some other chargers I have used; Although, the fan on this charger does seem loud however.
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