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Sonic 185 EP Glider 1850mmn (PNF)

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Sonic 185 EP Glider 1850mmn (PNF)


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This great looking glider is made from tough EPO foam and being plug and fly, requires minimal time for assembly.

Powered by a 200w brushless outrunner motor that has been prefitted, along with the ESC, this great sized glider has plenty of power to reach altitude quickly, it is full four channel and all servo's have also been pre-fitted. The fuselage features carbon fibre rods running down it's spine to eliminate flex and the 2 pc removable wing not only makes the Sonic practical, it also features a large CF wing joiner for stiffness.

This is an excellent quality and great looking glider that is a good size, is cheap to get into the air and will last for years to come, on the right day, the Sonic will give fantastic flight times with great flight performance, a great PNF glider that will appeal to all RC pilots!

Wingspan: 1850mm
Length: 1090mm
Flying Weight: 980g
Motor: Brushless Outrunner 200w
ESC: 30A w/BEC
Servo: 9g x 4

Your own 4 Channel TX/RX
1800mAh 2s Lipoly Battery

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Aussie_mailman | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Feb 09, 2013

Mine arrived last week. Went together well. The box that the bird came in was a Rtf box and showed a 2200 mah 3 s. way to heavy. I used a 1800mah 3 s and added 3 large washers to the base of the rudder, one fitted to a slot cut in the tail skid. The other two are just stuck to the side of the tail. On the maiden I gave it full throttle and let it go vertical, no issues reaching a good altitude. I also covered the bottom of the fuselage with "glass repair tape", that's what it's called in Bunnings. This keeps the bottom of the fuse from getting all crappy. The wing flutter is a little scary, just watch your speed and all is good. Over all I think this bird is good value.

michael | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Oct 25, 2012

This is my first plane and due to my inexperience it has taken some serious abuse but it repairs up really well. All the servos seem to be pretty tough I did strip one by glueing the rudder wire whilst repairing a break in the tail. It works really well as a glider but is very agile an acrobatic lots of fun. I am running a smaller prop and am using a 1300 3s battery instead of the 1800 2s recommended and I find it works real well and I can glide around for ages if I want to. It also seems to balance out a lot better too.
Big thumbs up have really enjoyed this plane. Would like to have one that I haven't beat up so much though

charles | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Feb 17, 2012

The usual good service from Sydney. Very nose heavy, even with recommended 2 cell 1800 battery . Elevator pushrod binds so servo doesnt centre well. Solution : put elevator servo in rudder with direct pushrod to elevator...easy to route the cable in the foam. Flies well on 2 cell battery with sufficient power to get up to the thermals so no need for a 3 cell. None of the reported flutter in my plane. Overall a happy camper. Looking forwards to flying it on the slope

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