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Spartan Blue-Link interface module

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Spartan Blue-Link interface module


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Many Spartan products benefit from computer connectivity capabilities for the purpose of modifying their configuration parameters or updating their firmware when improvements are made. To take advantage of these features an optional Flash-Link or Blue-Link interface module is required offering USB or Bluetooth connectivity respectively. In addition to computer connectivity the Bluetooth option can be used with certain PDAs and mobile phones providing a convenient way for editing configuration parameters at the field. Not all of our products support these options; specific information can be found on each products own web page.
Blue-Link Requirements
Bluetooth enabled PC, PDA or mobile phone supporting SPP (Serial Port Profile).
Spartan provides software for certain platforms only. Such software is available on the Spartan website and we advise that you download and try it to ensure compatibility with your PC, PDA or mobile phone before purchasing a Blue-Link. The software can be found on the page of the product you wish to interface to.


Class 1 Bluetooth radio offering a maximum range of 100m when used in conjunction with a class 1 capable device and subject to environmental conditions, obstructions and ambient noise levels.
Dimensions  46 x 20 x 11mm (1.8 x 0.8 x 0.43 inch)
Power and data leads 26cm long (10.2 inch)
Weight 12 grams including leads.
Power supply 4 - 8.4 Volts, current draw <100mA
Operating conditions: 0 to 50 deg C, 32 to 122 deg F, 20 to 85 % humidity not condensing.
Storage: -20 to 70 deg C, -68 to 158 deg F, 20 to 90 % humidity not condensing.
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