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Steering Drag Link 1pc - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035

Steering Drag Link 1pc - 118B, A...

Steering Drag Link 1pc - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035


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Steering Drag Link 1pc - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035


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This part is VERY flimsy and breaks with very little force to the front end. I usually found the left side snapping much more frequently than the right side. The only thing I found to remedy this was by making a replacement using a dremel to grind out the shape from some scrap sheet metal. Now I find that the next weak point along, being the front suspension arms, are snapping but no way near as often as the drag link and thankfully they are also very cheap.
This breaks often so stock up on a few
Another item that is an essential spare for serious bashers holds up really well but after several hard hits breaks saving the rest of the steering mechanism.
heard this oneneeds replacement often, its so cheap anyway so buy more!
These do break fairly easily on this truck, but they take 3 minutes to change, and are very inexpensive. Definitely order a few when you buy the truck.
a must have spare part but my original part (came with the car) still work great. whichever, We run on concrete or offroad.
Stock up on these, they are cheap and will be one of the items to break if you hit a curb!
Easily broken, could have a release aluminum, or Fiberglass!
Buy a couple of these.. they brake easy if you get a hard hit on the front weels.
There is a Good reason this part brakes when you hit curb etc, if something is going to give I would prefer it be a cheap part than the servo or something expensive. Buy a few as spares, you Will need them.
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