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Super Surge Crusher 90A Twin-Hull Brushless R/C Boat (730mm) (ARR)

Super Surge Crusher 90A Twin-Hul...

With its powerful 14.8V 90A 3660 size powerplant, fiberglass hull and aluminum alloy hardware, this is one serious race boat!

This is the Super Version which offers impressive features such as: 


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With its powerful 14.8V 90A 3660 size powerplant, fiberglass hull and aluminum alloy hardware, this is one serious race boat!

This is the Super Version which offers impressive features such as: 

- 3660 Size Brushless Inrunner with Watercooling
- 14.8V 90A Watercooled ESC
- CNC Aluminum Alloy Rudder and Support
- Stainless Steel Trim Tabs w/CNC Aluminum Alloy Base
- 5mm Flex Cable Drive System
- 3 Blade Aluminum Alloy Propeller

This boat arrives Almost Ready to Run. You will just need to add your own 2CH radio system and a pair of 2S 4000mAh LiPoly packs to get this boat up and running.
Length: 730mm (28.75in)
Beam: 210mm (8.25in)
Height: 55mm
Weight : 1500g
Motor: B3660 size Watercooled brusless 
ESC: 90A watercooled
Drive system: Direct drive
Top Speed: 85 km/h*
Radio System (2ch) & Receiver
2 x 4000mah 2S 7.4v 25C+ Lipo or higher

Super Surge Crusher fiberglass ARR boat
Hex key
Display stand

*Top speed is estimated only and will vary depending on water conditions, discharge capability of batteries and trim adjustment of model.


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With 2x4s 4000mAh it starts very fast. After the first turn the esc decreases top speed for any unknown reason to approx. 50pcnt. Tried with different lipos but same result. Fast start, slow go-ahead ! on the 3rd run the esc burned off and the lipos bulbed (without exploding). Looks like a monday product. When running, boat is great. But this one came with a problem at esc. Let's see what HK can do ....
Das Boot ist mit 3 s Lipo schon recht schnell unterwegs.
Das Design und die verarbeitung sind sehr gut.
Die Lieferung aus England hat sehr gut geklappt.
Es gibt aber leider auch etwas negatiwes.
Als wir das Boot ausgepackt haben stellten wir einige Risse in der Deckschicht fest.
Das Boot ist trotzdem dicht.So wie es aussieht waren die Risse schon bei der Montage vorhanden.
Es macht trotzdem viel Spass mit dem Boot zu fahren.
The boat is with 3s Lipo quite fast.
The design and workmanship are very good.
The delivery from England worked out well.
There are unfortunately negatiwes something.
As we unpacked the boat we noticed some cracks in the top layer.
The boat is still dicht.So as the cracks even during the installation looks were available.
It's still a lot of fun to go by boat.
Received this yesterday, half the decals are missing and the Hull looks paper thin in places, brown or discoloured epoxy on seems too, only upside is i appear to have gotten the older model with a 100a esc with bec and the better motor.. Glad I didn't pay 300plus for the official joysway model on sale in the UK..
Will try again. My first review was never published. Come on HK can't you take the negatives? First impressions ... a great boat, then look closer .. took advice and upgraded the 100A ESC to Turnigy 180A. At the lake .. with GPS fitted and 2 x 5000mAh 3S Nano's in series, it clocked 86.8 K's. A couple of runs later and the strut (so called) bearing, gave out, causing massive vibration at the back end. Finally, a big flip at 90 K's. and the hull completely broke up. Managed to salvage all the parts and have installed them into a 36" Cat. Good thing I didn't use the original ZTW-100A ESC ... as that blew up when connected in another boat of mine. Yes, it's a very fast boat, but the fibreglass, strut and ESC are rubbish. Don't expect it to take the punishment for too long that 90K's plus, demand from a boat. A very expensive lesson learned.
hi everyone got one of these a real great boat what a blast excellent build quality no problems at all runs on 4s but you can use 5s which i do with out any problems with the 90a esc copes just fine once you set the strut and balance the boat well what can i say this thing is unreal it flies across the water all stock it will hit 50mph just add lipos from hobbyking reciver etc all hobby king and tape up the hatch just in case of flipping which it does but it great thanks hobby king for another great product at a great hobby king price well i suppose ill see ya on the lake!!

I did the first test with my boat but I noticed that water does not enter my components to cool, someone can help me with some tips? thank you.
Bought the boat and soldered a Dean T-Plug on the very large ESC. Inserted a receiver and a receiver battery. Lubed the flexshaft with some oil since the whole engine/shaft/prop construction was a bit noisy on the benchruns. After that, it was running considerably smoother. Put two 3s 3000mAh Lipo's in paralell (still 3s but 6000mAh) in it and made 4 first run's. The boat is already very fast on 3s and the ESC & Motor just got "warm" but not hot. The pre-installed set up of the boat was already giving great runs, so I did not need to experiment around to find a good balance in the water. The hull construction and the overall quality looks good and I personally feel that this boat right here is a good buy.
i just got this boat in the mail, the esc needs to be attached to the hull, the motor seem to be 40mm not 36mm, the quality is not bad 4 stars.
boat run great but they shipped it upside down cause some crack on hatch cover and motor mount was broken at glued area so I fix that part they wanted to give me $5 for my problem this is bad customer service i feel they should give me more bonus point
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