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3D Printing Surface Coating Liquid (Transparent)

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3D Printing Surface Coating Liquid (Transparent)


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3D Printing Surface Coating Liquid (Transparent)

Looking for a product that will give a smooth, glossy and even finish to your 3D printed object. Then 3D Printing Surface Coating Liquid might be the answer. This product comes in five different colors and will make your 3D printed objects look like they were molded. 

All you need to do is print your 3D object and apply the mixed two part surface coating with a brush to give a quality finish. All the small imperfections like hair-line cracks and extrusion layers will be gone. The liquid will also adhere to different surfaces and helps to reinforce the structure and make it even stronger. Multilayer coatings allow for the use of different colors.

3D Printing Surface Coating Liquid is also eco-friendly, non-toxic and odor free making it safer to work with than spray painting and it gives a better finish.

• Provides smooth even finish
• Brush on
• Multi-layer coatings
• Eco-friendly formulation, Non-toxic and Odor free
• Reinforces the objects structure
• Removes all surface imperfections like hairline cracks
• Adheres to different materials
• Resists peeling
• Brush mark free

5 x 12ml packs

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JIM | Verified Buyer

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May 17, 2021


Jan | Verified Buyer

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Finish it!

Nov 30, 2018

Looks like one packet leaked in the box, got the clear version and for the brushes and little containers to mix it in it was a good deal but they include a sheet of silicone rubber to work on that pretty neat. It covers about 4 egg size objects and has a 30 minute working life once it is mixed. At this price it comes to $0.50 per packet so it's not to bad to add some serious shine and smooth finish to your printed part.

| Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jul 27, 2016

i was searching a good solutions for finishing my job and it works! you can really perfect your job with this

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