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T-72M1 Battle RC Tank RTR w/ Tx/Sound/Infrared (Desert)

T-72M1 Battle RC Tank RTR w/ Tx/Sound/Infrared (Desert)

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2205 g
The T-72 battle tank entered production in 1970 and was arguably one of the Soviets most successful engineering achievement of the era. The T-72 was the most commonly used tank by the Warsaw Pact from the 1970s to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Even today, the T-72 still forms the bulk of the former Warsaw countries tank force including Russia. The T-72 is one of the most widely produced, exported and copied post-World War Two tanks, second only to the T-54/55. Production of the T-72 exceeded 25,000 units and its chassis/basic design served as the basis for many of the proceeding generations of tanks.
The T-72 was extremely lightweight and very small compared to Western battle tanks of the same generation. It's equipped with a 125mm smooth-bore cannon which is capable of firing anti-tank guided missiles and an autoloader, decreasing the size of the tank by eliminating the need of an extra loader crew. The T-72 was designed as a mass production tank, relying on mobility, adequate firepower and more importantly numbers.
This superb 1/24 scale Battle tank features proportional RC control and is fitted with an Infrared cannon that allows you to battle with other tanks in the range, the model has a life counting system that will disable the tank after a certain number of hits, the model will also register hits in terms of physical movement and has a recoil action when the cannon is fired, the gun turret can be rotated 330 degrees and the gun elevated 30 degrees for that totally scale effect. In addition to this, the T-72M1 has a built in sound module with engine, cannon and machine gun sounds!
This tank has plenty of power to to clear obstacles, travel up steep inclines and tackle rough ground easily. The tracks run on individually spring wheels and repairable rubber track just like the real tank. It is tough, very scale and a huge amount of fun, especially when you have a buddy to battle with!
Type: T-72M1 Battle Tank (Desert)
Firing Mechanism: Infrared
Weight: 930g
Speed: 3 Forward and 2 reverse Speeds
Length: 300mm
Width: 150mm
Height: 100mm
T-72M1 Battle Tank (Desert)
Radio Controller
14 x AA Battery

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i really enjoyed that hobbyking now provide us with new modern rc tank.. i saw japan tank as a new list.. and i definetly will buy it.. but one more that hobbyking should stock.. its german leopard 2 main battle tank.. one most outrogeous tank :D. please hoobyking.. hurry up and add the leopard 2 on your new rc tank list..

This tanks had good looking for playing or just put on the desk.. its very good looking... you wont regret it.. :D
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verified_user Quality
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These are great range of Tanks, I personally own several (which I purchased my local hobby shop @ more than Double what HK are selling for... Now that HK stock them I WILL PURCHASE here) The detail on these tanks are second to none, easy to use and are fun, Hopefully HK will stock the whole range Tiger's, Kingtiger, etc and also the upgrades like metal tracks and metal hand painted Figures....when 2 or more tanks are used, u can battle each other using the infrared system, but it isnt as simple as aim fire main gun or machine gun... each tank can fire its main gun 20 times (this simulates limitations on ammo storage) after that you have to hit the enemy tank using machine gun (machine guns do lil Dmg and u have to hit enemy tank 20 times with that weapon) A tank can take 5 hits from a enemies main gun (20 from machine gun) then it lights up, rocks and stops dead (shuts down, its now out of the game) everytime a tank is hit it will stop, then move again until its next hit or killed... the sound system is nice n loud and sounds fantastic,again I cant say enough about the detail on these tanks they are fantastic, even to buy one as a display model is well worth it
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