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Tronxy X-1 Desktop 3D Printer Kit (US Plug)

Tronxy X-1 Desktop 3D Printer Kit (US Plug)


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The Tronxy X-1 desktop 3D printer kit is a great way to get into 3D printing without committing to an expensive printer.

With its clean, desktop design the X-1 is quick to assemble and highly portable thanks to the robust carrying handle conveniently placed at the top. Extruded aluminum 2020 and 2040 sections make everything nicely rigid and these, combined with extensive use of acrylic panels keep the weight to a minimum.

Even if you have never built a 3D printer before, the clear, simple build instructions are very easy to use and there are many user groups on the internet for this product if you run into trouble. Put simply, if you can build Swedish furniture you can put this printer together.

Don't want your laptop tethered to your printer? No problem; the Tronxy X-1 can use either a direct USB thether to your computer or you can print via a micro SD card. The X-1 can also be controlled using the 5-button controller and easy to navigate white on blue LED display, further eliminating the need to be tethered.

The X-1 is compatible with Win10, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac systems and uses simple to operate Reptier-Host with Cura or Slic3r for slicing into g-code for printing.

A build volume of 150 x 150 x 150mm is perfect for building most projects, especially if this is your first printer.

This is a great value printer for anyone on a budget, of course it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of more expensive printers but it does the job of a basic pinter very well. Why wait? Take the plunge into the endless possibilities offered by 3D printing with the Tronxy X-1 desktop 3D printer!

• Compact desktop printer
• Quiet operation
• Supports off-line printing via micro SD card or USB
• 0.1 ~ 0.4mm layer resolution
• Easy to read white on blue LCD screen 
• Acrylic print bed for stability
• 5-button navigation
• Simple and easy to use
• Able to print accurately at high speed
• 12V 5A DC power source


Print size: 150 x 150 x 150mm
Extruder: Single
Resolution: X/Y 0.012mm Z 0.004
Layer Resolution: 0.1mm
Print speed: 20 ~ 150mm/Sec
Technology: Extrusion (FFF)
Control board: Melzi 2.0 v5
Support Material: 1.75mm PLA
Support Formats: STL/OBJ
Operating system: Windows XP/7/Mac
Support Software: Cura/Reptier-Host/Slic3r
Input Voltage: 12V
Power Supply: 12V/5A DC 100~240V power supply 
Mains plug: US type
Nozzle: 0.4mm Ø
Display: Wide angle LCD screen
Nozzle temp: 170 ~ 275°C
Overall dimensions: 340 x 365 x 350mm 
Weight: 3.5kg

Tronxy X-1 Desktop 3D Printer Kit (US Plug)
8GB micro SD card
Micro SD card/USB adapter


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First thing you should do is print off the bed supports and z axis supports, assembly went good, there was a few problems with the corner support bolts being to small, but a washer fixed that, also my bed was drilled backwards of what it needed, easy to fix by drilling new holes, the wire management can be a challenge if your going to carry this around, but lots of options out there to fix this, I'm not able to print over usb for some reason so I just use the SD card,
OK so after all of the little problems putting it together , it just works Great. Very Quite and runs very smooth, It has printed everything I have thrown at it, I'm only using PLA with it due to no heat bed, but the little flex plate to print on works well with a little glue stick, so don't be afraid of this little guy, you will love it, thanks Kevin H
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So the printer showed up from international warehouse to NZ in 6 days which I was pleasantly happy with, My printer came well packaged.
As for the build, do expect to run into a few small issues and a few parts are going to be missing in the kit which you will see is very typical if you do any research in the forums for this printer, anyway getting through all that and making up spacers I needed out of pits and pieces around the house the printer went together rather quick, the manual is great.
the print quality is absolutely amazing if the slicer is tuned well. I am using Cura and printing via SD car, I had problems with the printer glitching out and making mistakes with the usb.
overall for the money the printer is a great little bit of kit, make sure to do a bit of research on it before you get it and watch some youtube vids on the build to see some of the issues you may face. This is my first 3d printer and I am very happy with it so far.
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