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Turnigy 1/10 Brushless 2WD Desert Racing Buggy ARR

Turnigy 1/10 Brushless 2WD Deser...

Equipped with a 60A brushless system, oil filled shocks, and fully adjustable suspension, this 1/10 2WD Desert Buggy is ready to tear up your local track!

The Turnigy 2WD Desert Racing Buggy performs just as good as...

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Equipped with a 60A brushless system, oil filled shocks, and fully adjustable suspension, this 1/10 2WD Desert Buggy is ready to tear up your local track!

The Turnigy 2WD Desert Racing Buggy performs just as good as it looks. Its 3300KV brushless motor provides plenty of torque, and an impressive top speed. On a 2S Lipoly, it will pull the front wheels off the ground easily when running on pavement, but this machine really shows its capabilites off road, tearing through the corners and soaring over jumps.

The Turnigy Desert Buggy comes almost ready to run, just add a 2S Lipoly batttery, 2CH radio system, and you are set to go!

*This buggy features a full metal gear transmission and adjustable slipper clutch

Motor: Brushless Inrunner 3300KV (3650 size)
ESC: 60A Brushless (60A Constant, 85A Burst, w/reverse) (HXT4mm discharge plug installed)
Battery: 2S 7.4V Lipoly [Required]
Length: 465mm
Width: 290mm
Height: 170mm
Battery Tray Dimensions: 188x27x49mm

2S 7.4V 4000~5000mAh LiPoly
2CH Radio System (Rx/Tx)


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i Have him now for some months
I have a lot of hobby King stuff and like it
but this care is not oke ,I'm not jumping or something like this with the car ,normal driving
the diff oudrive's ,the wheel outdrive's ,the diff bearings ,the wheel bearings ,the motor bearings ,the motor ,the spur gear ,2 of the shock's
also broke for more than 1 time ,after a few runs
I keep buying spare parts ,I'm a bit sick of it now.

I purchased this knowing that it features "... a full metal gear transmission and adjustable slipper clutch", but the spur gear is PLASTIC instead of metal. It broke down in minutes. The support is the worst, they expect me to send a the entire model for investigations. Come on, does it make any sense to pay for their fault??? I would not recommend trusting any specifications from this website, I think that this is the last time I would buy from here. The technical support is not technical at all, they request to send the model to check if the spur gear is metal or plastic as they could not see the obvious from two high resolution pictures.
Bottom line: low quality product, low quality support!
I would not recommend this product / vendor unless you have money you don't need; do a favor to the planet and donate it instead buying garbage.
Turnigy 1/10 Brushless 2WD Desert Racing Buggy ARR (US Warehouse)
Front Shock absorber leaked on first day due to cross threading of cap on assembly.
Some fixing screws too short, causing battery clamp to come adrift.
Otherwise not bad so far. Not many spares in usual!!
really nice buggy, got a set of kyosho cvds which are a direct fit, also all of the aluminum parts from strc which are on sale, for the kyosho db it all fits , this came with the 60 amp speed controller not a 35 amp, shocks feel pretty good, and actually have good oil in them , no leaks yet , tires are soft ,but im sure they will grip well, I got it from the usa west whare house for only $76.00 and $8 shipping,

and it came in 3 days, this updated version has very flexable plastic, should take a lot to break it, I will drive it in stock form until all of my upgrades arrive, the kyosho cvds are expensive, but the HK ones are out of stock, and I didnt want to wait
it so rell fun at this deser buggy all time
modle agrable et bien concu mais au bout de trois lipos (2S, 4000mAh) la transmission montre des signes de faiblesse. le pignon commence tre rabot et plusieurs dents sont casses sur la couronne. le buggy fonctionne encore mais le bruit de problme de transmission est flagrant. J'ai command d'autres couronnes et pignons sur le site ainsi qu'un diffrentiel. A voir pour upgrader cette transmission.
Teeth started snapping off the spur gear due to being brittle, they were not stripped and it was still meshed perfectly. I have bought an aluminium replacement spur gear and its due to arrive any day soon.

The plastics of the car are poor quality, but I haven't snapped anything yet despite a roll over and a collision ripping the rear A arm off.

On a 2S lipo its a little slower than I thought it would be but its pretty good to get used to how it handles. I don't think I'll bother with a 3S.

The factory shocks are horrible, all of them leak and one of the shock caps popped off on the first run and keeps coming off.

Overall I think its a good car for those that want to play with 2wd buggies on the cheap.

Das Auto geht super, auch wenn es nur 2WD hat.
Mit einem 2s ist das Teil schon ganz gut unterwegs.
Ich habe einen 5000er 2s Hardcase drinn.
Die orig. Bereifung laeuft nicht wirklich gut und sollte durch eine andere ersaetzt werden.
Auch die Stodaempfer (Plaste) sollten durch neue Alu-Daempfer ersetzt werden.
Das Hauptzahnrad ist auch aus Plaste und lief nicht zu 100pcnt rund.
Ich habe es durch das Zahnrad vom Kyosho Ultima DB getauscht.....das luft wirklich rund.

Die Karo hlt den meisten Dreck sehr gut vom Innenraum fern....super.
Der Regler ist ein recht lauter Geselle, aber macht ja nix.
Beim Springen, macht der Buggy eine sehr gute kommt so gut wie immer auf allen Vieren auf.

Das Lenkservo ist vollkommen ausreichend in seiner Stellkraft.

Was mich wirklich gestoert hat, sind die hinteren Radachsen.....diese sind vom Material her sehr weich und waren nach dem zweiten Akku schon sehr ausgeschlagen.
Hab mir die vom Kyosho Ultima bestellt.....hoffe die sind besser.


Its a good car but I would really like to see better drive cups. I wore down my drive cups in no time (2 days). Got a few replacements like the upgraded pinion gear and drive cups and an extra spur gear! The car works well with the zippy 4000 mah pack got runtimes of 25mins. I also had to replace the servo to a TGY-4409. The buggy is Fast, will check the speed and will get back!.
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  • Turnigy 1/10 Brushless 2WD Desert Racing Buggy

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