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Turnigy 1/16 4 x 4 Mini Trooper SCT (RTR)

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Turnigy 1/16 4 x 4 Mini Trooper SCT (RTR)

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The ready to run Turnigy 1/16th 4WD mini Trooper is great fun with plenty of performance features usually found on larger buggies such as, fully adjustable suspension, oil filled shocks, metal diffs, diff cups, dog-bones and front / rear anti-sway bars. The mini Trooper is also supplied with a unique and extremely lightweight 2.4Ghz pistol grip transmitter and receiver so all you will need is a 7.4v (2 cell) 1800mAH Lipo and 4 x AAA batteries and your ready for action.

The chassis features a twin deck design made from tough 2mm fiberglass and the shaft driven 4WD system is protected from the shock of landing big jumps by a spur gear mounted slipper clutch, making the mini Trooper our strongest electric 1/16th car yet! Equipped with a 25A brushless power system, this little 1/16 short course truck is both powerful and fast. The mini Trooper is small and quiet enough to zip around the living room or take on tougher terrain at your local dirt track or park.

Tough, 4wd and ready to run!...... what more could you want!

• Fully adjustable suspension
• Oil filled shocks
• Metal diffs, diff cups & dog bones  
• Front & rear anti sway bars
• lightweight 2.4Ghz Tx & Rx included
• Pre-installed brushless power system 
• Pre-installed steering servo

Motor: 4800KV brushless inrunner (2040)
ESC: 25A brushless (with reverse)
Battery: 7.4v (2 cell) 1800mAH Lipo (98 x 25 x 40mm max size) w/XT-60 connector
Servo: 15g micro
Length: 245mm
Width: 190mm
Height: 120mm

7.4v (2 cell) 1800mAH Lipo
4 x AAA batteries

  • Taped up the tyres to try a bit of drifting.
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Kyle | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Great value when you get it on sale

Nov 21, 2017

Bought two at the same time. One for me, one for a friend. Both ran great until I destroyed my gear in the rocks. My 4 wheel drive went out and lost a few screws over the course of two weeks. My friends has had only 1 issue with a front shock from a bad landing that we fixed in 5 minutes. Also my transmitter was somehow backwards and could not be fixed. I'll have to get a new one eventually. I have been into RC planes for years but never cars and this is a starter one for me. Not planing to do much more than play on the road with it but still having a lot of fun with this model.
I got the one that had all the problems but have upgraded many parts on it and now it's up and running great.
At a cost of $100 it's NOT a good buy, at a price of $60 to $70 it's ok.

Jayme | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 05, 2015


Needs batteries(not rtr) and proper setup- check spur and pinion alignment.

I must have gotten a decent one though, after 4 2000mah 20c 2s sessions, have yet to destroy it.

Does need battery compartment widened, there's room, that way we can fit 35mm tall batteries.
Check out all my thoughts here:
Great value at $60, rip off at $100.

wolfes1126 | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jul 30, 2015

What an Awesome Truck.
I am running this all STOCK On the suggested 1800mAh 2S Lipo for about 10 Charges now and let me tell you:
A True BLAST at the Skaterpark.
Jumps and Crashes are no Problem at all, so far everything is OK, even i had a few hard Crashes by giving it just a bit too much Throttle.
Love it and would recommend to all my Friends... if still on Sale when my next Paycheck gets into the Bank i will for sure get 1 or 2 more..... Awesome Truck

TG[ICE] | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jun 10, 2015

This a very nice car for normal use, so far we have no damage at all. Mostly the car was driven on short gras, which might not be a hard challenge for the car. The plastic supension will for sure not last very long under heavy load, but that is true for every RC-car in the market. For the radio you better get a spectrum or similar. My rating is a "I would buy it again".

Qba007PL | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Jul 06, 2014

Amazing little car , very fast. When you get it get some spur gears as well since they're exposed and very easy to strip but dirt cheap to replace , and some suspension arms upper and lower since I did broke mine going full speed on 3s and hitting a real car tire .(also very cheap to replace). I have placed a 6 mm 6v fan on top of the esc to cool both the esc and motor ,but I would like a proper cooling solution from HK .The electronics get hot with both 2 and 3s - I will try to do a mod to isolate them and the spur gear from dust and bring fresh air from over the roof of the car. If you're not much into drifting loosen up a bit the slipper clutch , its insane fast when it has enough grip and handles great if you manage to tame the wheel spin .

Markus | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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Customer Rated

Jul 05, 2014

This car is nice but two part goes broke after ten minutes driving.
If you buy this car, i recommend to order immediately new pinion gear 15T and new spur gear. Original Spur gear is plastic and this does not last stand for anything. Pinion gear is made of brass and it does not take a metal spur gear.

I highly recommend to order new metal parts from eBay

albino | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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Certified Buyer Rated

May 18, 2014

Really nice car, fast and stable. lot of replacement part. really performant on-road. so-so off-road.

4stripes | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jan 05, 2014

Bought 2 for the kids to race. Both had the steering servo arm mounted off center (trim not able to center the steering). Removed and repositioned arm to fix. One had a loose swaybar connector that needed tightening. Otherwise, happy with the purchase. The Turnigy Nano-tech 2200mah 40 80C did fit but had to solder on XT60 connectors. Would be nice if it came with a second set of stickers (of different colour) to make some visible changes. Don't forget to peel the clear plastic protective film before adding stickers!

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