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Turnigy TQ4 4x6S Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Charger

Turnigy TQ4 4x6S Lithium Polymer...

The Turnigy TQ4 4x6S can charge four batteries packs simultaneously!
A quality designed charger with accurate balancing and a familiar, intuitive menu system.

The Turnigy 4x6 is equipped with 4 high accuracy micr...

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The Turnigy TQ4 4x6S can charge four batteries packs simultaneously!
A quality designed charger with accurate balancing and a familiar, intuitive menu system.
The Turnigy 4x6 is equipped with 4 high accuracy microprocessors to charge each battery individually. Its efficient cooling system ensures safe operation throughout the charge cycle.
With the Turnigy 4x6 you are able to balance charge a lipoly pack on Port-1 while series charging a LiFePo4 or NiMH battery on Port-2. All ports work independently of each other.

Operating voltage range: DC 11~15V
Power source: 12V DC (car battery) / AC mains PSU (>200Watts)
Cell count : 1-15 Ni-xx / 1-6 Li-xx / 1-10 Lead acid cells (2~20V)
Current drain for balancing li-xx: 335mA
Charge termination Ni-xx: Automatic, negative Delta Peak method
Charge termination Lead acid & Li-xx: Automatic, voltage dependent, CC-CV process
Maximum Charge Current per port: 6A
High velocity heatsink exhaust fan.

1 x TQ4 charger
1 x JST XH Adapter
1 x TP/FP Adapter
1 x Banana plug w/ Male Tamiya 
1 x Banana plug w/ Female Mini JST  
1 x Banana plug w/ Female Futaba  
1 x Banana plug w/ Alligator clip
1 x Banana plug w/ No connector
1 pair Alligator clip

Note: Power supply not included.
All accessories shown in image are included.

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Just just bought this charger and it seems to be well built.
But when i put the charger to storrage mode, it sometimes charges the battery even if the voltage is higher than the storage voltage.
But beside that it seems to be a good Charger.
Only tested briefly so far but it's doing what it should, lipo charged to 4.19v per cell , bonus is it has internal resistance check which is useful.
Good charger for the money, I now need a beefy 12v supply to be the best out of it.

Only down side is the fan is on all the time even when not charging , would have been nice if it was temperature controlled or at least only come on whilst charging. Not a big deal though as it's not too loud as fans go..
Easy to use, and can charge 4 batteries at once. The only down fall is you can only charge at 6 amps, so you are limited with you 5c rated batteries. Approximately 90 minutes to charge a 2 cell 5000 Mah lipo.
Charger is OK. Ports should be indicated better (ie Port 2 is top left, Port 1 is top right).

LiPo storage mode can unfortunately only be programmed to max 1A charge rate - kind of annoying. Accucel did it much better. So you'll have to either do a charge yourself and stop manually when you get close to 3.85V, or just charge at 1A.
Really impressed! It's a great value for the price, and everything looks very clean and well designed. Make sure to read instructions thoroughly.
DISCHARGE FUNCTION IS DANGEROUS AND STEAL YOUR MONEY. Discharge is only 0.3A, I'm agree and voltage terminaison is 3.0v per cell !!! Impossible to change this that distroy your battery for sure. Is someone at hobbyking test this charger ? I believe not. Scandalous to sell a charger that distroy your battery. (in discharge function) and charge function is to high > 4.2 per cell aka 4.22-4.24v per cell
An absolutely brilliant & convenient charger to have as part of your Rc Hobby set up,, 4 independent charging channels, simply plug in your batteries e they Lipo Nicad NIMH or LiFe this charger is easy to set up and use is reliable and amazingly good value..
Very happy with this charger. I can charge, balance etc. 4 6s batteries in parallel. Since I only use 6s up to 1300 mah that is a powerful combination and the 50W per output channel are more then enough. Also the same batteries I could not get balanced using a similar sized brand name charger balance quickly and very well (less then 0.010 difference) using this charger. All in all if you run several 450 size helicopter on 6s this is the charger for you IMO! Eventually when bigger helicopters come along which I also plan to run on 6s (I don't fly 3D), I will augment this charger with a bigger one providing more Watts per channel but still plan to use this one for the smaller batteries.
super ladegert,bin sehr zufrieden.Vielen dank fr die schnelle Lieferung,macht weiter so!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent (noisy) charger! Great stuff for such money. Each channel operates completely independently. You can set 6A max per channel. - need serious power supply and cooling if using maximum current. In my case it charging 4,5A max despite 6A set (20A 12V supply used). Very nice LiXX future resistance test.
Only single cables included - remember to buy extra cables e.g.: PRODUCT ID: Quattro-EH and ID: 5.5MM-CHR or something as you needs.
p.s. - Dennis - the manual available at Files tab section at this page :)
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  • Turnigy TQ4 4x6S Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Charger

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