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Turnigy Accucel-8 150W 7A Balancer/Charger

Turnigy Accucel-8 150W 7A Balanc...

The Accucel-8150 is a Lipoly/LiFe battery charging workhorse. Capable of handling up to 8S, 7A or a maximum of 150W charging current plus it balances and discharges packs which is critical for keeping your expensive batteries in perfect condi...

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The Accucel-8150 is a Lipoly/LiFe battery charging workhorse. Capable of handling up to 8S, 7A or a maximum of 150W charging current plus it balances and discharges packs which is critical for keeping your expensive batteries in perfect condition.
This charger has a 12v input and can be used with a mains 12v power supply or your car battery when at the field.
TURNIGY Accucel chargers are built with quality components and produced in robotic pick-n-place SMT technology machines to produce a reliable and accurate charger.
You wont find a better priced quality 8 Cell charger!

The Accucell has various programming and charging modes and will accept and safely charge NiCd,Lilo, Lipo, LiFe, Pb batteries.

There are several chargers now entering the China market that look similar to the Accucel-8. These chargers are produced with cheaper FET's and are much less accurate and very unsafe. There have been reports of the copied chargers over-charging packs and not balancing correctly.
Our chargers have CE and RoHS certification, proving there safety. Plus, thousands of customers the world over have used our chargers with excellent success.
Your batteries are expensive. We understand this and thats why we will not carry low-quality charging devices.

"CONNECTION BREAK" : This indicates you need to have the discharge AND balance plugs connected. This unit charges through the discharge wires and balances through the balance wires. Connect all wires or you will get a "CONNECTION BREAK" message.



Operating voltage range: 11.0~18.0V
Circuit power: max: 150W
Charge current range: 0.1~7.0A
Discharge current range: 0.1~5.0A
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1~27 cells
Lithium bettery cell count: 1~8 Series
Pb battery voltage: 2 to 36V
Weight: 625g
Dimensions: 170X125X35mm



This charger has a JST-XH charge plug, which makes it compatible with Zippy, TURNIGY and any pack with a JST adapter, balance ports are for 3s~8s packs only. To charge 2s packs you will need to use an adapter/balance board (please see related items.)

Note: Power supply not included.


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Does the job but a few issues. First there is no USB port on the one that i got. Furthermore it won't stop charging when I charge a 7s lipo pack on balance. It will stay on 0.1amp for hours. That was not the case with my previous charger. Changing the chemistry type is cumbersome. I could not push the voltage to charge LiHV. Does 150Watt max. my 7s pack won't go higher than 5.4amps (which is 150Watt more or less)

Please advice, did i get the old model??
Works just like the 6S 6A chargers I have but get another 2 cells and 1A, the display is HUGE text too!
Very good quality charger.
It doesn't say anywhere, but you can calibrate this charger by pressing simultaneous on "ENTER" and "-Dec" then power on the will enter in calibration mode.
Measure your LiPo battery with a good quality voltage checker (I used a Fluke), then connect your LiPo to the charger and increase or decrease the voltage on screen using " " and "-" until you reach the voltage measured by your voltage checker.
I hope I was clear, I'm not a native English speaker.
I have this charger and I'm very pleased with it.
If you are looking for a good easy to carry charger buy this, you wont be disappointed!
My two have worked perfectly for about two years.
Compared to Accucell 6, which I have used for about five years: Much bigger; no balance port for 2S; screen much bigger but same number of pixels so not very clear; two pages of V per cell readout so takes longer to get back to front page (while charging Li-Pos); annoyingly, the power cables for connecting to the battery are at the opposite end (of the charger) to the balance ports and the power supply cables are at the same end - silly and not quite so convenient.
Fans are a little noisy on occasions.
Lots of power - that's 6.7A for a 6S battery!
when charging, LED Segment is distorted so, i can't read it.
except it, it is good.
I guess when temperature is rising the problem comes up.
and i told hobbyking staff but his mouth shut-off, no reply.
what do i do?
I have FOUR of these chargers and I have to say they have been excellent value, being used every weekend for 5 years, mostly charging 6S 5000 at 5 amps (and 3S 2200, and 2S 2000, and 1S 370). I have now changed to a new system that will charge six 6S 5000 at once from a bigger power supply - those big 12S Helicopters are such a pain!.

My only complaint is the fans sometimes make a little whining noise until they warm up but a gentle tap quickly quietens them. (This is common with small cooling fans I have found)

So, they cost me $60 each and after 60 months use they have well and truly paid for themselves. That's about a dollar per month and they aren't finished yet!

Great product - comes with a useful selection of leads. I only added one multi adapter lead for Tx NiMh battery.
I have had this charger for over 2 years and it still works great. Other than one button falling out that was easy to fix with a little CA I have not had a single problem. I would recommend the charger for anyone that wants a good charger at a good price. It gets a lot of use for Life and LiPo. Use it to charge Lead Acid field box battery too. Also started using it on our 12 volt gel-cell field box battery that was made for a ATV.
I just received this charger today and so far I am having extreme difficulty getting everything set up because there were no usefull instructions that came with the unit, just the standard safety regulations page. Send me something that tells me how to change battery types from LiPo to LiFe. Send me a flow chart that tells me the order of the screens and how to interact with the screen settings. How do you get this unit to actually begin the process that I want ( charge, discharge, check, ect. )

I haven't been able to charge battery one yet and so far I hate the thing!!! WORST PURCHASE EVER!! SEND SOME ( INSTRUCTIONS SO THAT I DO NOT BLOW UP MY BATTERY PACKS TRYING TRIAL AND ERROR!!!
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