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Turnigy AE-100A Brushless ESC

Turnigy AE-100A Brushless ESC

The Turnigy AE series are based on new powerful microprocessor.
The new CPU means ultra fast sync timing, crisper throttle response, less battery load and reduced FET heat buildup. Also there is a separate voltage regulator IC for microproces...

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The Turnigy AE series are based on new powerful microprocessor.
The new CPU means ultra fast sync timing, crisper throttle response, less battery load and reduced FET heat buildup. Also there is a separate voltage regulator IC for microprocessor providing good anti-jamming capability.

Output: Continuous 100A, burst 115A up to 10 seconds.
Input Voltage: 2-6 cells lithium battery or 5-18 cells NIMH battery.
BEC: Linear 4A @ 5V
Control Signal Transmission: Optically coupled system.
Max Speed:
2 Pole: 210,000rpm
6 Pole: 70,000rpm
12 Pole: 35,000rpm
Size: 71mm (L) * 34mm (W) * 17mm (H).
Weight: 79g.

High performance microprocessor brings out the best compatibility with all kinds of motors and the highest driving efficiency.
Wide-open heatsink design to get the best heat dissipation effect.
Improved Normal, Soft, Very-Soft start modes, compatible with aircraft and helicopter.
Smooth, linear, quick and precise throttle response.
Multiple protection features: Low-voltage cut-off protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection
Programable via transmitter and Turnigy BESC programming card

Programming features:
Brake setting (we recommend using brake for only folding props applications)
Battery type(Li-xx or Ni-xx)
Low voltage cutoff setting
Factory default setup restore
Timing settings (to enhance ESC efficiency and smoothness)
Soft acceleration start ups (for delicate gearbox applications)
Low voltage cutoff type (power reduction orirnmediate shutdown)
Governor mode
Built-in BEC Output(5.25V or 6V)

Factory default settings:
Brake: off
Battery type: Li-xx (Li-ion or Li-Po)
Low voltage cutoff threshold: Soft cut-off (2.6V)
Timing setup: Low
Soft Acceleration Start Up: Normal
Low voltage cutoff type: Medium


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Tried this on my motorized longboard project. It has the juice to go fairly fast with 6S and a 195kv motor. However, this doesn't have reverse, and the brakes are non-proportional, so you get an all or nothing braking experience. That may be good for cars, but it will throw you off your board. I just ordered another ESC to try (TrackStar GenII 120A red heatsink without the fan) to try to get a smoother braking feel plus reversing.
Super regler, etwas berdimensioniert whlen und prog.karte gleich mit bestellen...
Ideal fr jegliche flchen flieger..
MY review for Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5055-430kv Brushless Outrunner Motor.. I use it for my Sbach Wind S 110E with Turnigy AE-100A Brushless ESC, 6S1P Tiger, 17x10 TGS prop. Very nice motor and more power to climb up the sky. After two flights I am impressed with this brushless cause still cool except Turnigy AE-100A Brushless ESC got a little hotter. Very value motor!
Yes a little hotter after two flights but still nice ESC.
Simple Programming without Prog-Card.
Using this in my Funjet Ultra with 6s setup and more than 90Amps
stays quite cool ...
Turnigy AE-100A Brushless ESC
Good quality ESC. I have an AE-80 too, both perform briliantly
update to my prior comment - Ul 1 boat 3 blade 40mm prop, Turnigy 500 1300kv outrunner, 5s-6s zippy flight max,at 6s 3 x 2s zippy 2200mah 40c in series charged at 8.4v ran great low heat no battery swelling, this esc can handle 6s my charger will 8.4v charge, great so far for boats. thanks "D"
I tested in a UL 1 with Turnigy 500 1300kv outrunner, Zippy 2200 mah 3s, 2x 2s with the 40mm 3 blade prop at full throttle, esc very very low heat, low battery heat=about 1/4 of what I have felt before - no swelling,very smooth start up, I have had problems with this set up before, very happy so far with esc
I am using this for a 50-65 410kv motor, 16x10 turnigy wood prop, 6s 4000mah turnigy nano tech batt. 1680watt, 74amp at full 25v freshly charged. 1400watt 62amp at normal 22v operation. have only a few min ground test with meter, and (2) 6min flights on it but so far I am very pleased, everything comes down cool. Very nice case/heat-sink construction. I left all factory settings and works good for my setup, program sheet did come with it.
I would buy again and recommend.
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