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Turnigy dlux 10A (10~60V) HV SBEC

Turnigy dlux 10A (10~60V) HV SBEC

The Turnigy dlux 10A HV switching BEC provides up to 10A continuous current (15A peak) at a selectable 5.2V, 6.0V (default), 6.8V, 7.4V or 8.4V output. This is great for powering your electronics on both helicopters and fixed-wing models...

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The Turnigy dlux 10A HV switching BEC provides up to 10A continuous current (15A peak) at a selectable 5.2V, 6.0V (default), 6.8V, 7.4V or 8.4V output. This is great for powering your electronics on both helicopters and fixed-wing models. Thanks to the wide output voltage range, the Turnigy dlux HV SBEC can handle just about any type of servo. The 10~60V input allows for use with 3~14S lipoly batteries making this unit ideal for use on large helicopter/fixed-wing models running high voltage power systems.

This device also includes an optional low voltage alarm/LED board which can easily alert you to a low voltage condition of your input battery. It features a super bright white LED that can be seen even during sunny conditions. A great way to monitor your input battery's status.

• Stable, reliable power supply for your servos/receiver
• 10~60V input allowing for use with 3~14S lipoly batteries
• 10A continuous/15A peak servo current capability
• Dual power output leads
• Selectable servo output voltage 5.2V/6V/6.8V/7.4V/8.4V
• Optional adjustable low voltage alarm/LED
• Thermal and current overload protection

Input Voltage: 3~14S Lipoly (10~60V)
Output Voltage: 5.2V/6.0V/6.8V/7.4V/8.4V selectable
Output Current: 10A @ 6V continuous (15A @ 6V peak)
Adjustable Low Voltage Alarm: 10~60V
Switch Type: Fail Safe (fail safe on) pin-flag contactless type
Power Connector: Input: bare leads / Output: JR style plug x 2
Dimensions: 15.7 x 31 x 54mm
Weight: 45g


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Ist grundstzlich gut. Hat aber keine Verpolungssicherheit eingebaut. Darum ist mir einer abgebrannt. War mein Fehler.
very good BEC, I have it installed on a Trex 550 with a lipo 3s apart. for more effort it never heats, it is a bit difficult to correctly set the alarm voltage as it is done with a potentiometer. but beyond that I recommend ....

muy buen BEC, lo tengo instalado en un trex 550 con una lipo aparte de 3s. por mas que lo esfuerzo nunca calienta, es un poco complicado ajustar correctamente la alarma de voltage ya que se hace con un potenciomentro. pero fuera de eso lo recomiendo....
Very high Quality Product by TURNIGY very stable power two wire output,one for powering the receiver the other output for scale lighting very convenient and easy to use i like the idea high voltage input no problems for 3s to 6s input no need to buy 2s Thank you H-K fast shipping
Turnigy Delux BEC i can say it's super delux perfect to my Nitro Helicopter' need to worry on servo voltage requirement Thank you HK another great product
I am using it since nearly one Month now on a 1/5 car with 3x20kg servos 4 cooling fan and it works very well using 8s battery setup 6v setting.
I m very pleased with the product!
I purchased one of these when first listed - it kept browning out and would not supply much power. Others had the same issue.. I removed a surface mount capacitor as per one of the posted pictures and works a treat..

So i waited till recently to purchase another one hoping they had fixed the issue..

Nope - same problem with my second one purchased recently.. browns out at minimal current.

Removed the capacitor on this one and it now works a tread..

It's got me how others are saying they work ok? 2 out of 2 for me needed surgury to work properly.

But once working are really nice!!! i'd buy more only becasue i'm confident now ate getting them working properly - lol

I use this on my TREX550 with 3gx v3 3 stock align 610 servos on cyclic and one futaba on tail. I haven't done any 3d but so far so good.
Perfect built quality - very strong SBEC - highly recommended
Very nice SBEC, i was only able to test it up to 4 A at 5.2 Volt setting. The SBEC delivers 5.25 volt and keeps pretty stable between idle and 4 A. It keeps cool and a test with a cheap e-sky 35 Mhz 6-channel receiver with 5 servos showed a flawless funktion. I just wound the receiver antenna around the SBEC and noticed no failures, jitter or undesired servo movement. I`ll buy some more of this lovely SBEC units!

The wiring is very good quality, and the manual is easy to understand. This one is a true winner!
Pleasantly surpized at this cool unit. Runnining it directly of the mains of my 12S heli setup, nice cool bright green led, you can spot it almost a mile away. And a RED heavily flashing led if the battery is low. Will defentily buy another one.
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  • Turnigy dlux 10A SBEC

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