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Turnigy Double Tap 7A 80Wx2 6S Balance Charger/Discharger

Turnigy Double Tap 7A 80Wx2 6S B...

Tired of carrying two chargers to the field? With the Double Tap dual 80W battery charger there is no need to. The Double Tap gives you everything you need for charging multiple batteries at the same time in one convenient charger.


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Tired of carrying two chargers to the field? With the Double Tap dual 80W battery charger there is no need to. The Double Tap gives you everything you need for charging multiple batteries at the same time in one convenient charger.

This charger features dual 80W outputs, that’s a total of 160W charging power. Each channel is independent meaning that you can charge two completely different types of batteries at the same time! You can quickly and easily switch between each channel by the touch of a button.

The Double Tap gets its name from its unique "touch button" design. All buttons on the control panel are operated by touch. No physical pushing is required. Simply touch the buttons as you would on your favorite smartphone or mobile device. This gives the Double Tap and stylish and modern feel.

The Turnigy Double Tap features an alloy case and temperature controlled cooling fan which helps to quickly dissipate heat.

• Touch button operation
• Dual 80W output (160W total)
• Supports Li-XX, Ni-XX and PB batteries
• Store up to 5 battery setup memories
• Nicely finished alloy casing
• Temperature controlled cooling fan
• Wide input voltage range (12~18VDC)

Charging Output: 2 x 80W (160W Total)
Input Voltage: 10~18V DC
Charge Current Range: 0.1~7.0A
Discharge Current: 0.1~1.0A
Discharge Power: 2x5watt
Balance Current Drain: 300mAh/cell
Li-XX Cell Count: 1~6S
Ni-XX Cell Count: 1~15S
Pb Battery Voltage: 2~20V
Battery Setup Memories: 5
Intelligent Temp Control: Yes
Cooling: Single fan
Weight: 477g
Dimensions: 190x97x42mm

2 x XT60 charge leads
1 x Alligator clip charge lead
1 x Multi charge lead (JST, glow igniter, JR lead)


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Good Charger! I used about 1 month and now i think i can tell more about this product!
Its a 2x80W can charge 2x7A! Have all feature you need to make good charges! I use for Race propose with my Lipos NOSRAM and Ultimate! The Fan only works when is needed! Come with some cables with XT60 conectores! I dont use because i use hardcase lipos, and i charge directly! my Power Suply Is the NOSRAM 20A is perfect for the charger! Is portable to transport with you to the race tracks!
If your looking for double the charge in the same amount of time. Look no further. I purchased 3 of these with a 60amp power supple and I'm in love. I am very pleased with my purchase and will be using this double tap for sometime now.
Top Produkt!!
Meine beiden 6.600 4S Akkus von Hobby King werden damit schnell geladen, inklusive sicheren berwachung!
Einfach Top!
Excellent charge device, with two outputs, Turnigy Double Tap 7A 80Wx2 6S Balance Charger/Discharger. I use with power adapter, HobbyKing 350w 25A Power Supply (220v~240v), Excellent charging 2 batteries at the same time 6 jars, Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 6S 65~130C Lipo Pack. Good quality recommend.
For the price ,these are excellent value. Checked voltages with Fluke multi,out by 0.01 . Good enough for me. Touch buttons work great. Has Internal resistance test function. Not sure how accurate the readings are but its still a good indication of pack condition.
Fan is very quiet even having both sides loaded.
Buen cargador, biene con unos cables de carga.
There is absolutely no way to get 80 Watts x2 with 6s from this charger 75 is max. 3,4 amps per channel. Input voltage connection is a kind of joke. Internal resistance measurement is not working 001 ohms for every batt I`ve checked.
Touch buttons are working ok. Balancer is good.
Easy to use. Quality seems good.

Only negative is instruction sheet is very limited and useless for first time users of chargers. However if you have used chargers before, this unit is user friendly and fairly easy to use. It only comes with XT battery connectors so if you have Deans plugs on your batteries you will a plug adapter. Also it takes a little while before it beeps after the batteries are fully charged.

Overall, for the price it is a great value.
Damage unit. Second channel dont work. Poor quality control. I just received a piece of garbage that will cost me almost the same as its cost to send it back. I have to ship it from Panama
I've used this charger at home on a Hobbyking DC power supply. To be honest the current and voltage fluctuated like mad. Not seen this happen before on my old B6 charger.

Then this Sunday I tried it for the first time on a 12v battery. After charging a couple of 7.4v Lipo batteries the option to charge Lipo batteries disappeared on one of the 2 charging channels. Not matter how much I tried to cycle throught the options I could not find the Lipo charging option. I even checked with the manual, which by the way doesn't come with this charger; you have to download it and print it off.

So I'm most likely going to return this charger now.
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  • Turnigy Double Tap Touch Sensitive Charger

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