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Turnigy Lipo Bunker - Lipoly Safety Charge Box

Turnigy Lipo Bunker - Lipoly Saf...

There are only two times a battery can fail, during charge or discharge, and while you can not control what happens in your model you can control what happens during charging with the Turnigy Lipo Bunker.

Constructed from ...

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There are only two times a battery can fail, during charge or discharge, and while you can not control what happens in your model you can control what happens during charging with the Turnigy Lipo Bunker.

Constructed from S304 certified stainless steel to withstand temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Celsius, the Turnigy lipo Bunker is a bullet proof safety enclosure designed to contain flames and help minimize damage to surrounding objects in the event of a lipoly failure. The duct will ensure heat, flames and gases being expelled from a lipoly battery will be vented in a direct and controlled manner.

Case Material: S304 Certified Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 180mm x 90mm x 90mm


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It's a nice and sturdy box and I am sure it will survive any LiPo explosion. But it takes some time to assemble it because the production quality of the parts is not perfect. I guess this would have to be produced to 1/100mm accuracy to fit perfectly. Sometimes the hole alignment or size is just a tiny bit off and the screws drill into the sheet metal instead of the surrounding metal parts.
The metal pieces come with some protective plastic cover and it is important to remove this so that it can't burn.
This thing sounds good, but the quality of the fasteners is Chinese Crappo.
They aren't tapped all the way through, so the screws only go in 50pcnt of the fasteners. If you have skillz you can tap with the screws and some oil and a good sense of torque.

Good luck for those of you who are hacks.....the screws will strip the heads before they seat in the countersink.

A five minute Gopro video turned into 2 hours to put this POS together.

Buy American! (If you can find any).... :l
With no manual. I spend 1 hour building it. It was a problem with aluminum clamps. Hole in the clamp is too tight for the screw. Packaging could be better. I had 2 big scratches. Good quality stainless steel. Looks cool. I got 1 extra part .
I buyed it to fell a bit safer, while lipo charging. It is very easy to built and works good.
A very nice product that looks really good. Simple to assemble, and although the panel edges are a bit sharp, the problem disappears when the pieces are bolted together. My only criticism is that I was surprised that the unit had no bushing material to insulate the cable entry.
This is the most important tool on the rc world
!Warning. Only 4 out of the 6 Sides are fully sealed when assembled! Apart from the obviously Vented Square Endplate where the Changing Leads are supposed to enter. The opposite Square Endplate has a 0.1mm Gap around all 4 Sides where Flames/Gasses could possibly escape.!
Nice safe box! thought and bring my peace while charging my lipos. Although it came with 1 missing little part, easy fix but not the same...
No instructions! Suggest you make three sides then screw in the two end pieces. Watch out for the very sharp edges (don't ask me how I know!).
I will test this (outside in a field and in a sand pit) using one of my old 6s batteries (ie i will puncture one of the cells and see how the box copes - I will be watching from a very safe distance - just need to work out how I can do this safely)
The overall and value rating are low due to having cut my hand handling this as I unpacked it
A must buy in terms of peace of mind IMO. Recently got back into racing 1/10 off-road 4WD after many years away from Nimh tech. Upgraded to Lipo and this was advised to me buy many racers/general people who run Lipo's. Quality of the item is very good, although no instructions, so a quick glance of the images on here sorts that out easy enough, but a small A5 sheet of paper with a diagram would have been nice.
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