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Turnigy Micro Quad V2 P&P ARF Includes KK2.0 LCD Flight Control Board

Turnigy Micro Quad V2 P&P AR...

This tiny yet brilliantly designed P&P micro quad makes getting into hobby-grade quadcopters easy! We've done all the hard work for you by choosing the power system, installing the motors/ESCs, soldering all of the connections and mounting/set...

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This tiny yet brilliantly designed P&P micro quad makes getting into hobby-grade quadcopters easy! We've done all the hard work for you by choosing the power system, installing the motors/ESCs, soldering all of the connections and mounting/setting up the control board.

***STOP Press!!*** UPDATED: This is the new Turnigy Micro Quad V2 which now includes our brilliant KK2.0 LCD flight control board!

This quad is the real deal, not a toy-ish micro with brushed motors and cute body shells. It features a high performance brushless power system and the highly capable, fully programmable Hobbyking KK2.0 Control Board.

With the Turnigy Integrated PCB Plug and Play Micro Quad, you simply need to add your own 4CH transmitter/receiver, 500-900mAH 2S 7.4V lipoly battery, setup your radio, complete the pre-flight check, mount the propellers and your ready to fly!

Updated to include our KK2.0 Flight Control system:

The original KK gyro system has been updated to an incredibly sensitive dual chip 3 Axis gyro and single chip 3 axis accelerometer system making this the most stable KK board ever and allowing for the addition of an Auto-level function. At the heart of the KK2.0 is an Atmel Mega324PA 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller with 32k of memory. An additional 2 motor output channels have been added to the KK2.0 allowing for a total of 8 motors to be controlled (Octocopter) to allow you to use this flight control system in any quad you wish!

Micro Quad Features:
• Light weight design
• High efficiency brushless power system pre-installed
• Integrated PCB frame making for a tidy wiring layout
• P&P configuration taking the guesswork out of choosing your own components
• KK2.0 LCD flight control board

Included in box:
1 x Turnigy Integrated PCB Plug and Fly Micro Quad (motors/ESCs/ KK2.0 control board pre-installed)
4 x Propellers (2CW & 2CCW)
4 x Servo extension leads (for connecting your receiver to control board)

Required items:
500-900mAh 2S 7.4V Lipoly Battery
4 channel transmitter and receiver
Battery charger

Width: 250mm
Height: 85mm
Motor: 4 x Turnigy T1811-2900kv Brushless
ESC: 4 x Turnigy Plush 6A
Props: 4 x 5x3 inch (2CW & 2CCW)
Control Board: Hobbyking KK 2.0 LCD Flight Control 
Battery Connection: JST


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This quad is a fantastic starter quad for those wanting to get into hobby grade quads, however it can be difficult to get set up and figure out everything needed to get up and flying for someone just getting into the hobby. I wrote a post on everything needed to get this up and going and additional parts that are recommended for this quad here:
This quad can be a great performer for those wanting to get into the hobby on a budget. With a little care and a few modifications it is quite capable of becoming a great flying 3D capable quad. Firstly make sure you balance the props before fitting them as they all seem to be heavy on one blade. I used some clear tape on the back of the light blades until they balanced. Also the power lead that connects to the battery is far too thin and cannot handle the current whilst performing high throttle maneuvers. I would strongly recommend replacing the wire with thicker wire and making it as short as possible. Doing this mod has make my quads full throttle climb about 2-3 times faster and more accurate than with the original cable. Also update the firmware on the KK2 with the latest 1.6 version using a usb hasp interface.

With these changes you will have a great flying fast quad that is capable of 3D maneuvers. I use a Turnigy 1000mah 2C battery and get around 9 minutes flight time depending on flying style.
well, very good quad, flies well with shipped setting (KK2.0 v1.2). Propeller are hard to fit. Becomes quite fast with some tuning of P values.
I find the frame weak especially the wire whole near motor. I broke one arm here after 20 flights.
Motors and ESC are warm after flight. If you need a strong kit you should probably go for another frame.
Overall good quad IMHO.
Bought from UK warehouse with PF 48 hour shipping, arrived in 2 days as expected. Well packaged both by HK and the OEM. I got this as my first quad, moving on from using a PC simulator, to get some real experience with multi-rotors before considering a larger FPV capable model. After half a dozen minor crashes with no damage, I crashed in to a flag pole (what are the chances) and smashed it in to dozens of pieces. I epoxied it all back together and reinforced the arm joints with brass rods and lots of epoxy. 5 stars for value, it really is good, just add battery and rx.

Usually use 2S 850Mah ZIPPY compact batteries, which work well, although also use a 3S 850Mah ZIPPY compact, which while not supported does work and is noticeably more powerful.

3 stars for quality, because the way the motor mounts join the arms is really poorly thought out.
Great beginner quad and the right quad for "trying out" multirotor flying.

Simply add a battery and a receiver and you are up in the air. I'll even fly it with 35MHz, no problem :D

It's not very fast, but easy to fly and practice for your next bigger multiroto ;)
Fine quadcopter to get started if you have a radio and receivers already, but the only catch is the frame is really quite fragile so not ideal to learn on unless you can fit some landing gear to absorb hard landing shocks. I cracked the frame within 20 minutes of flight time practicing in the garage, not even a super hard crash just dropping from 2-3 ft off the ground. But, I'm not too upset b/c I put all the electronics from this onto the 250mm nylon frame and it seems much more rugged and should withstand some errors and I'm learning to fly it so I still have a decent copter for well under $200.
I bought this quad because of the KK2 board and to have a look into the more advanced settings of multicopters before I spend several hundred dollars on something. I have almost no previously experience with quadcopters, I have practised with WLToys V262 but this micro quad is much more difficult to use. I need more time on the sticks :-)

I broke the motor mount and now I need to buy a kit to repair it, first I will try to glue it. Not very durable, bu fun to fly.

Value = 4 -because of KK2 board, 4x $10 motors ESC's.

Quality = 3 -Breaks easily and you must replace the entire PCB board if you break a motor mount. Everything else looks good; KK2 board, motors etc.

with this quad you won't be able to fly cause it drifts to a side when you take off the ground! the programming is really complicated.
with this quad you won't be able to fly cause it drifts to a side when you take off the ground! the programming is really complicated.
This is a fantastic little combo, straight out of the box plus 15 mins setting up and you're flying! Stock settings are flyable but some tweaks are needed. Had to increase the P and I a little bit to get it behaving how i like. Auto-level mode seems a little slow but that doesn't bother me much at the moment. The frame is stronger than expected and easily handles the weight. I'm using a 2S 1000 lipo and getting around 6-8 mins air time. For the price i'm happy. However 2 things could be better: 1, QC on the motors as when trying to install a prop i pushed the shaft through the motor. 2, 1 prop was badly balanced and the centre hole was not centred (lol). Easy fix for me but a beginner would find these little niggles a PITA! Why HK didn't include the propsaver mounts with this kit is beyond me.... they work! BTW if the UK people need a spare frame for whatever reason try the "Turnigy Integrated PCB Micro-Quad V2 (Black) (KIT) (UK Warehouse)" it's almost identical.
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