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Turnigy Multistar 6A V2 ESC With BLHeli and OPTO 2-3S

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Turnigy Multistar 6A V2 ESC With BLHeli and OPTO 2-3S


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MultiStar ESCs are a quality speed controller at a fantastic price! Designed for simple installation and easy setup these ESCs have proven to offer excellent performance when used in Multi-rotor applications. If you're starting out in Multi-rotors and need an easy to install solution that is tested and proven to work with Multi-rotor craft then these speed controllers have you covered.

These V2 ESC's features BLHeli software for a very smooth yet linear throttle response, without sacrificing a rapid, crisp, response to any throttle input.

The nano 6A comes with easy to solder power and motor tabs for a tidy and light install, and comes with 2mm bullet connector and wires for use as well.

All Multistar ESC's feature an ATmega MCU that opens the door to customizable firmware – The V2 Multistar comes with BLheli software pre-installed, and for those so inclined a ease to use USB tool is available for Configuration and updating via the BLHeli Suite GUI.

Please refer to the related items below for a solder free multi-rotor power solution to suit your next multi-rotor project.

• BLHeli Software
• USB tool updating and configuration via BLHeli GUI software 
• Smooth and linear throttle control 
• Fast response to throttle input 
• Atmel MCU
• Stalled motor protection 
• Throttle signal lose protection 
• Safe power-on (throttle lockout) 
• Support 480Hz+ high refresh rates (up to 499hz)   
• Supports Oneshot125

Constant Current: 6A
Input Voltage: 2-3 cell Lipoly 
BEC Output: N/A OPTO
PWM: 8 KHz
Max RPM: 240,000rpm for 2 Pole Brushless Motor
PCB Size: 21mm x 11mm
Discharge Plugs: Solder pads 
Motor Plugs: Solder pads 
Weight: 2g

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mublife | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

May 22, 2016

works great i am using them with 3s Multistar V-Spec 1304-3100KV 3x3x3 prop 5 packs in and it is still running cold

Epitaph | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Oct 02, 2015

I got 3 of these together with one of the LBEC versions for a shall 200 size multirotor. Really easy to flash (I updated to BLHeli 12.2 which works fine for me), fit really well and I love the size and weight for my build. Thanks to the soldering tabs instead of wires, I was able to hardsolder them to the frame PDB and saved weight on zipties even! Run cool, respond well... definitely on my list of good items!!

icahone | Verified Buyer

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  • Value

Customer Rated

Jan 31, 2015

A bit pricey but otherwise perfect for my micro projects.
It is easy to solder the pads. I usually desolder the plus, minus wires, leaving just the signal wire.
I am using exclusively these on my 150-sized diy quadcopters, with 3100kv brushless motors and 4" props.
AUW 111g wihout battery, 157g with 950mAh/2s, flight time 10 minutes with this config.
The fpv models are ~180g AUW, capable of making 720p video and having range of 300m and flight time of 10 minutes.
Soon I will buy more of thses again :-)

Anakel | Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 24, 2015

ESC extremely light (2g is true !). Running with 4x DYS 1306-2300KV BX and mounted on a Turnigy Micro-Quad. Quad weight is only 127g without battery. Get not hot after 5 minutes flight. Satisfied

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