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Turnigy Reaktor 300W 20A AC/DC Synchronous Balance Charger / Discharger (US Plug)

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Turnigy Reaktor 300W 20A AC/DC Synchronous Balance Charger / Discharger (US Plug)


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The best has now just got even better! The Turnigy Reaktor range of chargers are known for their big power and diminutive size, the latest Turnigy Reaktor offering has stuck with this formula but it now includes a built in AC power supply. 

This high power balancing charger / discharger can provide up to 20A charge rates and handle up to 6S Li-poly/LiFe or 17S NiCd/NiMH accurately. Not only does the Reaktor 300W offer a super high charge rate capability it now features storage charging, cyclic charging / discharging, 10 charge parameter memory and high power balancer.

The Turnigy Reaktor 300W is an all-in-one power house charging solution for your R/C models' batteries.

• Microprocessor controlled
• Delta-peak sensitivity (NiMH/NiCd)
• Individual cell balancing charge & discharge
• Li-ion, LiPoly and LiFe capable
• Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
• High-power and high-performance circuit
• Store function, allows safe storage current
• Data storage (Store up to 10 packs in memory)
• Cyclic charging/discharging
• Built-in AC power supply for mains charging

Input Voltage: 10 ~ 28V DC, 100 ~ 240V AC
Charge Current: 0.05 ~ 20A
Discharge Current: 0.05 ~ 20A
Maximum Charge Capacity: 300W
Maximum Discharge Capacity: 20W
Maximum Power Capacity: 300W
Current Drain For Balancing: 350mAh/cell
Lithium (LiPoly/LiIo/LiFe) Cell Count: 1 ~ 6 series
NiCd/NiMH Cell Count: 1 ~ 17 series
Pb Battery Voltage: 2 ~ 24V
Battery Memory: 10
Intelligent Temperature Control: Yes
Weight: 1000g
Dimensions: 168x170x56mm

1 x Turnigy Reaktor 300W charger with power lead
1 x Alligator Clip Charge Lead
1 x Charge Lead - No Connector

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Tuomas | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Oct 10, 2016

Working product, but the AC converter fan makes extremely annoing noice as it constantly speeds up and down every second the charger is on AC. Get the DC-only one and buy a proper DC power source for it, unless you want to drive someone mad. Other than the AC-DC source it seems like a solid thing, buttons seem sturdy and all the basics are as they should.

| Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 13, 2016

Probably the best charger for the money . Lots of features and very quiet.

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