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Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck (KIT) upgraded version

Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless S...

*Note: This is the KIT version requiring full assembly and your own electronics.

Get ready to tear up the local dirt track with the new Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck! This version of the SCT arrives in KIT form r...

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*Note: This is the KIT version requiring full assembly and your own electronics.

Get ready to tear up the local dirt track with the new Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck! This version of the SCT arrives in KIT form requiring assembly. This is a great option for those of you who like to build and want to setup this truck with your own electronics.
The SCT chassis is lightweight yet rigid offering a perfect combination of weight savings and strength. Additionally, it features large front/rear and side impact bumpers to protect your model while running.

This truck includes proper short course style racing wheels, soft compound tires for increased traction and handling, as well as a pre-trimmed body shell. Also, with features such as fully adjustable suspension, aluminum oil filled shocks and adjustable camber/castor, it is easy to fine tune the ride to the conditions of your favorite track or bashing spot.

Adjustable camber, caster and shock mounting positions
Full aluminum front/rear shocks
Carbon fiber battery hold-down
Low center of gravity chassis design
Large front/rear and side impact bumpers
Soft compound tires for increased traction
Pre-trimmed body shell w/decal sheet included

Battery compartment: 195x49x21mm MAX SIZE
Length: 530mm
Wheelbase: 330mm
Height: 200mm
Ground Clearance: 41mm

2CH Radio System (Rx/Tx)
3650 Brushless inrunner motor
35~60A Brushless ESC
Standard size high-torque steering servo
2~3s 4000MAH LiPoly battery


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I have driven mine for 2 days now great fun truck I have mine pulling wheelies I am running the 13 turn trackstar motor Turbo with the track star 80 amp ESC Turbo. my suggestions are to get an extra spur gear or two also the flywheel set as these parts get hot and will melt I believe to help slow the problem or correct is to tighten the bolt holding the spring against the anti-slip plate more than suggested in the build manual. Also the screws holding the battery Mount post to the bottom of the chassis need to be longer. two-thirds more the length as mine have fallen off and I replaced with longer bolts. so far no more problems with.
I enjoyed the build. took about 1 full day to build. so far the the 2 downfalls of this rc is the body shell will not take much of a beeting so reshersh youtube on how the use shoe goo for body shell or fiberglass the shell. also i havent drove it yet and the shocks are already leaking. probally going to use plumbers tape to fix. would have given 5 stars if it were not for these issues. also be ready to get spare parts. will need.
Very good car, runs like hell on the 5200 brushless combo.
Very happy with it ... ordered another one.

The piece of plastic holding the rear is quite fragile if you do some jumping.
The build went pretty smoothly. There are a few places where the instructions could be a little more clear. It presented some challenges for the 16 year old first time builder but nothing the 42 year old veteran couldn't help him through. The chassis is very narrow which does not leave a lot of room for running gear on the sides. You have little choice but to mount the esc to the battery hold down. We had to mount the receiver sideways to get it to fit on the side of the chassis but it is an old school synthesized rx, not a 2.4ghz. There are quite a few interchangeable parts between this Turnigy and the old Kyosho Ultima SC: the rear t plate and hinge pin blocks being the most notable. Some key differences are the transmission which uses all metal, 32 pitch gears, 32 pitch spur/pinion, and larger drive pins on the dogbones. The metal gears including the gear diff add rotating mass but do make it able to handle huge amounts of power. The real standout of this kit are the huge alloy shocks. They look like they were borrowed from an 8th scale buggy. The included springs are way too stiff for a vehicle this light, making the ride height very high. It makes for great jumping ability but the raised cg hampers cornering. All things considered, this rig represents an excellent value but it is not for a beginner builder.
Great SCT for the price.

Pros: strength of diff and transmission, fully tunable, strong aluminum. Cons: dog bone rear axle( i prefer CVD), 32p spur gear (i prefer 48p), no ball bearing on servo saver hub, no polished hinge pin on front C hub, front and rear suspension towers are made of too soft plastic.
The truck is great apart from the bodyshell, it is made out of a really brittle plastic and snapped on the 1St rollover, so don't bother painting it.
The bad:
The body will only last a couple of runs on the track, not bashing it.
Turnubluckles cannot be adjusted on the truck,too tight they will snap off. No matter how much I screwed in and out with grease, the do not become loose enough.
Spare parts you need are always out of stock, luckily they were in stock when I bought the truck.
Shocks aer too long and the springs bind with the shock body

The good:
Easy to build, maual easy to understand, does not break so easily on track, good handling out of the box (I use shorter shocks from Blitz). Enough tuning possibilites
Superb Kit, Easy to Build and everything fits in Place like it should. Had a lot of Tamiya Kits, and the quality has no difference. I had some Missing Ball Links, but this isnt a big issue. The Price is more then good and im happy with the Truck. Waiting for my Brushless Combo to arrive, and then go out to have some fun. Have already the SCT 2 WD ARR Version, which is the car of my daughter and the Desert Buggy for my son. Were all happy with our cars. Thanks HobbyKing
I am happy that I buy this SC, very very good, but only the Manual is little complicated.
Built the kit and was pleasantly surprised by the quality for the price. Installed an Airtronics Super Vortex Zero esc and Tekin Redline Gen 1 17.5t motor and bashed away. Run it on a Nanotech 5300 2s battery and have broken one turnbuckle on a stick. Shocks leak a bit but that's normal. Truck drivers great. The only thing that I would say is below average quality is the body, but that doesn't bother me at all. In general a good deal at a good price.
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