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Turnigy SK450 Quad Copter Powered By Multistar. Quadcopter & 5X Package (Mode 2) (Ready to Fly)

Turnigy SK450 Quad Copter Powere...

Introducing the Turnigy SK450 quad copter powered by Multistar. Turnigy set out to make a great value, easy to use, ready to fly quad copter without compromise. The result is a quad copter using all top tier components and proven performance. ...

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Introducing the Turnigy SK450 quad copter powered by Multistar. Turnigy set out to make a great value, easy to use, ready to fly quad copter without compromise. The result is a quad copter using all top tier components and proven performance. 

Turnigy started with the popular SK450 frame known for its durability, then added some detail changes with Multistar green front arms and a crash dome for the flight controller. For the power system, Turnigy looked to the proven Multistar line of motors and ESCs, choosing the powerful 2213 and matching them with Multistar 20A speed controllers. When it came to the flight controller the choice was clear with the much loved KK2.0, all pre-configured and setup in X mode. To round out the package, Turnigy added their 5ch FHSS 2.4GHz radio system giving you full control of the KK2.0 including the auto level feature and dual rates. The Turnigy SK450 comes with 2 sizes of props; 8 inch for 2200mah or smaller batteries and 10 inch for larger batteries or for those who want to add a camera for capturing a bird’s eye view. Turnigy wraps up the package with a purpose built carrying case with pre-cut foam inserts for the quad copter, transmitter, batteries, and all of the accessories, making transporting and storage a breeze.

Turnigy has done all the hard work for you. Don’t spend hours trying to work out the best components to use or time assembling. Get out there and start flying with the new, ready to fly, Turnigy SK450, powered by Multistar.

• Special edition SK450 frame
• Multistar power system
• KK2.0 flight controller
• Turnigy 5ch FHSS 2.4GHz radio system
• Dual rates and auto level modes
• Includes transporting box with foam inserts
• 2 sets of props
• Pre-assembled and tuned

Frame: SK450
Wheelbase or motor to motor diagonal: 450mm
Weight: 680g without battery
Motors: Multistar 2213 935kv
ESC: Multistar 20A
Propellers: 0845~1045 2xCW 2xCCW
Flight controller: KK2.0
Radio: Turnigy 5ch FHSS 2.4GHz

1 x SK450 ready to fly quad copter
1 x Turnigy 5 channel FHSS 2.4Ghz Radio (mode 2, left hand throttle)
4 x 0845 inch propellers 2xCW 2xCCW
4 x 1045 inch propellers 2xCW 2xCCW
Velcro Straps and spare hardware
Integrated box case with foam inserts

4 x AA batteries (for transmitter)
1 x 2200mAh 3S 11.1V lipoly Battery and charger


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great beginner quad , slow flyer but stable. but don't use kk2 use cc3d work better
After doing all the set-up, it will not even fly. One motor #1 spins to begin with and them stops dead while trottleing up. Sent a claim to returns with no response . All I get it 'evaluating the data'. This is supposed to be 'ready to fly, not dead on arrival'. Did anyone even look at it before it was boxed up? It looks like it will be my expense and my problem because it doesn't fly. I have bought too many RTF quads that are still sitting on the ground.
works amazingly well for what it is. mine was set up fairly well for the 8 inch props but not for the 10 inch. if yours doesn't fly well straight out of the box, switch props. fine tuning the control board was simple enough to learn and the frame is surprisingly tough. the only lesson i learned the hard way is that the supplied radio and receiver don't give you a lot of range. i'm replacing both.
bel quad robusto. dopo pochi minuti passati a settarlo pronto al volo.
Flew great right out of the box . Made one gain adjustment to be perfect Very pleased with this product .
Works great, but not rtf, had to change some settings to get it to work good.
Had to reverse the direction of the front motors. Otherwise , it flew well out of the box - after reading all the instructions. Works better on the 8 inch props and it needs more than a 2200 battery for any real flying. Surprisingly tough and stable. Really good value compared to building one from components.
Just got the 450 and I've successfully checked it out indoors. I had to reverse the motor wires because motors were all spinning the wrong way. Flies fine with 2200 and 2700 batteries and 8" props. It came with KK2.1.5 controller and Turnigy multistar esc. Reports on YouTube say that the esc are too slow for a quad, I think these ones are acceptable. More testing is required. If the esc need upgrading or flashing then HK and Turnigy should be responsible. Hopefully this has been resolved. Default settings are good to start.

The 250 is lots of fun and it looks like the 450 will be too. Total newbies might want to start with the 250 first though. Don't forget spare props. They come in bright green, red and blue as well.

Great price for a really solid quad.
Great quad, but one of the ESC's broke after the first testflight. A bit difficult for beginners as my self but after a few flights ajusting the PI settings it flies great! Only four stars due to the ESC... The quad I got came with the KK2.1, not the 2.0, so thank you HK!
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  • Turnigy SK 450 Quadcopter

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