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Turnigy Super Brain 100A Brushless ESC

Turnigy Super Brain 100A Brushle...

Ultra fast microprocessor controlled, extremely low resistance circuit and chip design, and aluminum heatsink for better thermal dissipation are just some of the features in the new TURNIGY Super Brain range of brushless speed controllers....

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Ultra fast microprocessor controlled, extremely low resistance circuit and chip design, and aluminum heatsink for better thermal dissipation are just some of the features in the new TURNIGY Super Brain range of brushless speed controllers.
The Super Brain brushless esc is a high performance ESC capable of standard and competition use.
Full protection, including signal loss, over-temperature.
Programable by USB, PC or your Tx.
Compatible with all radio systems.
Supports the ‘Turnigy USB Linker’ to program the ESC by computer.
ESC Firmware upgradeable via the internet.
Integrated flight data logger, records data for the ENTIRE flight such as:
- Voltage
- Current
- Temperature
- Motor RPM
- Throttle travel

Programmable settings;

Startup (Default Standard/Soft/hard)
Low Voltage cutoff (Default 12.0/15.0/18.0/21.0/24.0/27.0/30.0/33.0/36.0V)
Current limiting (Default Standard/Very sensitive/Insensitivity/Disabled)
Brake (Default None/Soft/Hard)
PWM rate (8/12/16 KHz)
Timing (Default Auto/Low/Middle/High)
Cutoff type (Default Hard/Soft)
Governor mode (Default Auto/Low/High)
Constant Current: 100A
Burst Current: 120A
Battery: 4-12S Lipoly
Motor Type: Brushless
Size: 69 x 52 x 24mm
Weight: 109g
Throttle range: 640us

**Programable with Turnigy programming Box and Turnigy USB Linker, see related items below.
We suggest customers to not program the esc with their Tx.


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The controller works well, it is not heated at a current of 80A. Synchronization is not disrupted. However, almost no electronic brake adjustment. In my case, the motor stops the rotation with a bang, the sound was heard from approximately 200 m (f3a model, engine and gear hacker).
On another plane the same problem. If you do not need a brake, it is a good purchase.
davvero un bel regolatore, peccato non sia disponibile da un po...
I use this Turnigy Superbrain Controller on a 2.2m Votec plane.
Use with motor Turnigy Aerodrive SK3-192KV and 12S-5000mAh, 20x10 Mezlyk prop and 80A current draw
The controller works, but i had problems with timing sync above 65A (timing HIGH and 16kHz). I worked properly after i had changed timing to AUTO and frequency to 8kHz.
The logging works fine and seems to be accurate.
Be awere to use the latest software
Works great, 5 stars. Pilatus Turbo porter 2,8m 7 kg, with motor HXT 63-64 (230kv), 8s lipo and a 20*10. programming was very easy, also without programming card or linker.
I like that ESC, it's a monstrum in comparison too normal ESCs. But the heatsink coulb be bigger for better cooling.
Friendly advice: if you like to gamble, buy this. If not go for Castle. Castle is a brand product with warranty and customer service. It is smaller, better quality and slightly more expensive.
I was holding on my (bad) review hoping that HK will do something to replace my faulty 100A ESC. It is six months and all I have is the same answer every time: item has been sent to manufacturer to check.
You wonder, how long does it take to check? And check what? It is faulty, failed before it was even used - in test phase. They must have lots of a bad product to check than.
Manual is bad - useless. For some reason those producers think that they
can save on this and that and that because price is a tad lower that people will continue buying crap. No. Hobby people are not stupid. You can full them once.
So even if I would to receive replacement, look how much I've paid for it: $80 purchase price, $20 SH, $20 SH back and $20 SH again (if ever happen) so in total it is $140 (add possibly a year of waiting). I got my Castle 100A for $100 from ebay and from reputable hobbyshop that is Caste approved.
Castle manual is simple: connect and run! Tons of options.
And wiring and electronics is part of my profession ... so I know what blue and red wire is if not little bit more.
Nice ESC, but the latest production run needs the new programming software from HeFei. The version that HK has for download gives a HA11 Parameter error. I downloaded 4.01 and it works fine.
I just wonder that it recommends 4-12s lipo but can we use it with 3s lipo? does it cause any problem for me ? because motor uses high current however low voltage.
GP YAk 12s on 21 x 10 carbon, ran but went out of sinc. Ran the CC120HV esc from my pattern plane and ran fine on 21 x 10 and 22 x 10 with no loss of sinc and great power and run time.....8min !.

Currently using this esc on my Helios 90 on 8s and works fine. Would not run on any thing over 8s.
works very well and clear with my Scorpion 4035-500 on 6 cell 4500 mAh. Brake and free running is wonderful, from stopp to full power in one step is no problem.
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