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Turnigy Talon Octocopter Plate Set.

Turnigy Talon Octocopter Plate Set.

Width: 130mm (From hole to hole)
Weight: 81g (Total)
Material: 100% Pure woven carbon fibre
Plate Thickness: 1.5mm

Turnigy Talon Octocopter Upper and lower main frames only.

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Width: 130mm (From hole to hole)
Weight: 81g (Total)
Material: 100% Pure woven carbon fibre
Plate Thickness: 1.5mm


Turnigy Talon Octocopter Upper and lower main frames only.

Turnigy Talon V2 Quadcopter kit.
2 x Turnigy Talon V2 Carbon Fiber Boom 221mm (2 pcs)
2 x Turnigy Talon V2 Screw Set (4pcs M3 x 12, 4pcs M3 x 8)
4 x Turnigy Talon V2 M3 Hex Tapped Spacer (2pcs)
4 x Turnigy Talon V2 Alloy Motor Mount Block
4 x Turnigy Talon V2 Motor Mount/Landing Gear Set


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trs bien pour un quad 4 talon.

cela permet de mettre les esc dessous.
I have purchsed this plate and 2 x V2 Quadcopter kits. Just finished the octocopter build and it is all working nicely. Maximum prop size is 9" with this package. I have ordered the longer booms as well so I can use 10 inch props. You can see it flying on Youtube if you search for Turnigy Talon Octocopter. I am using 750kV motors and lift is a little lacking with th 9" props. But with the boom extensions and 10" props it will be brilliant. :))
Just received the plates and a second V2 kit. Et voil !
A very nice, compact octocopter for gopro filming. See photo in files.
These plates are a super deal but I would suggest HK to revisit the bottom plate as it definitely needs several round holes for the wiring as there is good but limited space for 8 ESC's and wires between the plates.
Overall, an excellent idea from HK.
I purchased one set and now using with TalonV1 parts. They really fits together. I recommend !!! But price is a little freaky high.
I wanted to use this with Talon V1 aluminum blocks. It perfectly fits!
I have a great area to put everything.
I am using this plate with the Turnigy Talon V2 frame. I have so much space now ! this plate is the perfect option if you want a clear job. My receptor and flying stabilization module and all cables are between the two plates. I am flying i X mode and the lateral "empty" spaces are used to link with Landing gear directly attached using "Turnigy Talon V2 Alloy Motor Mount Block" and a cutted carbon fiber boom. The front "empty" space is used with a motor mounting block to attach the gimbal of the camera.
My Quad is now perfect, flying this with NAza-GPS and I have so much space to put the GPS on the top plate directly.

Thank HK, this plate makes the Turnigy Talon V2 amazing and great !!!!!
I have bought this plates to put on the Talonv2 quad. Now I have plenty of new space to put all sensors and wires..I have also mounted the landing skid by using both free lateral empty spaces. 13cm diameter plate is good enough. I'm flying now using Naza-GPS system and I have an upper plate empty which allows to put an FPV system. Thanks HK !!
I bought this with the simple idea of using it for just my quad. I hated that the Talon V.2 plates are so small that it has so little room to put the ESC's anywhere. This has plenty of space for ESC when using just 4 motors. And if I ever want to upgrade to an octo, I'll be half-way there. I think it is as good for the quad as it is for an octo.

The reason I gave it a low rating, however, is that whoever designed the layout of the cutouts gets a FAIL. The bottom plate just has a series of slits that are too thin even to pass much wiring through - certainly not battery leads. The V.2 quad bottom plate has great cutouts to mount a camera servo, and can pass camera, telemetry, sonar, and all kinds of wiring through. The octo bottom plate doesn't even have a center hole to pass any wiring through.

It's still a good value!
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