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Turnigy TGY-i6 AFHDS Transmitter and 6CH Receiver (Mode 2)

Turnigy TGY-i6 AFHDS Transmitter...

The Turnigy TGY-i6 is a great entry level 6-channel telemetry 2.4ghz computer transmitter that uses solid and reliable Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS) spread spectrum technology. The Turnigy TGY-i6 has both a nice quality look a...

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The Turnigy TGY-i6 is a great entry level 6-channel telemetry 2.4ghz computer transmitter that uses solid and reliable Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS) spread spectrum technology. The Turnigy TGY-i6 has both a nice quality look and feel, while the programming is simple to use. The TGY-i6 also has an impressive list of features and includes a TGY-iA6 6-channel receiver. Suitable for both model Heli and Airplane, the Turnigy TGY-i6 is a superb budget computer radio for both new pilots and experienced pilots alike!

The ultra slim case design ergonomically fits your hands leading to less hand fatigue especially during long flights. Digital trims, backlit LCD screen, and simple programming give the TGY-i6 a modern feel with all the features you want. With a low profile antenna, the TGY-i6 is easy to store and no worries about breaking it. Adjustable length sticks, and a loop for attaching a neck strap round out the list of comfort features this radio offers. For changing flight modes or multiple flap position options, the TGY-i6 has a 3-position switch, as well as two adjustable knobs.

Expand the capabilities of your models or just know what is going on with the optional telemetry receivers and variety of sensors. Normally you would have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a transmitter with this capability. Not so with the availability of the TGY-i6.

For the price, the features the TGY-i6 offers make this one of the best radios available dollar for dollar.

• Entry level 6 channel 2.4ghz radio with telemetry capability
• Dual Rate/Trims/Gear/Flap/Gyro Gain Adjust/Flight Mode/Throttle Hold/Hover Pitch Switches
• Easy to use Programming & Navigation Buttons
• Supports Heli/Standard Wing/Elevon/V-Tail
• 20 Model Memory
• 8 Character Model Name
• Trainer and charging ports
• Backlit LCD Screen displays real time transmitter and receiver voltage
• 4 Stick Mode Selectable
• Optional telemetry receivers and sensors available separately

Basic Programm Functions:
Dual Rates
Sub Trim
Travel Adjust
Channel Reverse
Swash Mix
Gyro Sensitivity
Throttle Curve
Pitch Curve
Throttle Hold
Model Name

Turnigy TGY-i6 Transmitter Specs:
Frequency: 2.4ghz ISM Frequency Range
Modulation: GFSK
Spread Spectrum Mode: AFHDS 2A and AFHDS
Band: 142
Number of Frequency Channels: 20
Output Power: <=20dbm
Working Current: <=100mA
Working Voltage: 1.5v x 4 AA
Dimensions: 174x89x190mm
Weight: 392g
Resolution: 1024 bit
Stick Mode: Mode 2 (Throttle Left)

Turnigy iA6 Receiver Specs:
Channel: 6
Frequency: 2.4g ISM Frequency Range
Power: 4.5V~6.6V/<30ma
Net Weight: 6.4g
Dimensions: 40.4x21.1x7.35mm

4 x AA Type Battery For Operation

*Note: Receiver power telemetry feedback is available using the standard i6 receiver. To use telemetry sensors such as the RPM/Speed (TGY-CPD01 magnetic or TGY-CPDO2 Optical), or Temperature (TGY – CTM01) you will need to use the TGY-iA10 receiver or the Turnigy TGY iA6B V2 full range receiver to enable all flight telemetry information functions listed in the Accessories listing below. If you need more channels for larger airplanes, the TGY-CEV01 can help you to expand from one channel to four more channels.


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Am new to the hobby and this is an excellent radio to start with without breaking the bank. So far it works excellent with plenty of features. I really like the duo rates for learning to fly. Also it only uses four "AA" batteries and they last a long time. The only thing I would change is to make the gimbles more stiff so you can really feel them, but you get used to them. Great radio.

I got Turnigy TGY-i6 to use it with Mini Skyhunter flying FPV.
I placed my onw GPS system inside model and I got range 350meters without any trouble.
I use 4 to 5 channels. I like to switch between swith and stick.
Setup is easy with nice servo curve.

Honestly for that price, it's a good choice.

Excelente transmisor por el precio. Alcance con el receptor que lleva el transmisor suficiente para aviones como bixler etc. lo perderas antes de vista que de la radio.
En el receptor se lee la tension de alimentación del Rx y del TX. Si quieres leer la general de la lipo que alimenta el avión, necesitas otro receptor (V2 ó 10canales) y el modulo lector tensión que se anuncia como complemetarios en anuncio transmisor.
Ademas lleva todo lo necesario para configurar (exponencial, reverse, hold motor ajuste recorrido servo y muchisimo mas.
The quality/price of this product is fine, the set up si easy and have a lot of functionality. The output of gas sticker i've seen thar sometimes is not precise in output segnal. The quality of material is good, but not optimal.
I not see the update in the hobbyking page.
great remote for beginners
A very decent controller for the price, however the trainer port is not a standard pinout as far as I can tell. The connector is a 4 pin Mini DIN, Pin 1: PPM, Pin 2: 5v, Pin 3: TX, Pin 4: Rx.

Used this to control both a CC3d and a Librepilot Revolution.
I'm brand new to TGY-i6 / FS-i6 and I have a problem to understand meaning of channel trim in view of D/R function. If I trim i.e. CH4 off the centre position than having the Stick in the middle and switching D/R the channel output bar on Function/Display jumps accordingly too. Why ?

Otherwise if I trim the plane in Normal mode, I will get completely different "neutral" servo positions just by switching TX to Sport mode with Sticks in the middle. According to me trimmed neutral servo position shouldn't be effected by D/R.

In my opinion the D/R should effect the Stick value ONLY not the trim. In mathematical way it should be something like ChOutput=Trim (Stick)*D/R instead ChOutput=(Trim Stick)*D/R as applied now.

This is a fatal error disallowing use D/R EXP function.

degrades transmitter FS-i6 in the category of toys ....

Real fast shhipping and delivered in good status. Really happy with it. Also the cheapest i could find.
Having had one of these for over a year now and used it almost every weekend I must say it is very good value for money. It is being used on model boats. Currently I have five models set up in it, MTB (all 6 ch) Yacht, Hi speed cat racer, speed boat & cabin cruiser. The mix option is good if you have two motors in the boat as it can be associated with the rudder controls. My only complaint is the On-Off switch plays up and it has to be wiggled around to make it work. However I have just ordered another complete unit because it is such good value.
Very good cannot fault. Hard to get hold of extra receivers though
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