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Turnigy Typhoon 600H Heli Motor 1100kv (600 class)

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Turnigy Typhoon 600H Heli Motor 1100kv (600 class)

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The Turnigy Typhoon is a very serious upgrade for any 600 size heli. Tight copper wire turns with high pressure pressed laminations make this motor very efficient and powerful.
Users will notice the instant power increase and higher idle speed when using this motor & we suggest you adjust your throttle accordingly.

Dimension: 44mm x 61mm, 84mm(with shaft)
Weight: 308g
Kv: 1100rpm/V
Voltage: 22.2V (6S)
Max current: 70A
Diameter of shaft: 6mm
Length of front shaft: 23mm
ESC: 80~100A

A serious upgrade for any 600 size heli.

  • Kv(rpm/v) 1100.00
  • Max Current (Motor) (A) 70.00
  • Resistance (mh) 0.00
  • Max Voltage (V) 23.00
  • Power (W) 1550.00
  • Shaft A(mm) 6.00
  • Length B (mm) 61.00
  • Can Diameter C(mm) 44.00
  • Can Length D(mm) 38.00
  • Total Length E(mm) 85.00

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Malik | Verified Buyer

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6mm shaft & motor mount issue

May 12, 2017

This is a newer version of motor with 6 mm shaft. I had the same motor bought a couple of years ago, and that had 5mm shaft. Secondly the pinions with 5mm will not fit to this motor. Therefore, I have to search and buy pinions with 6mm hole. Another serious issue is that the motor will not fit into the motor mount for hk600gt. I have to mill out approx. 1 mm such that motor outer diameter at top (near the shaft) fits into the mount. I will upload some pics later.

But overall I was satisfied with my previous motor. I have not tested this beast at the moment :)

| Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Mar 28, 2015

Excelente motor. Muito potente para heli da classe 600.

hubi1155 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Oct 03, 2013

I use this motor in my HK550 with 6s2p (20V, 5Ah) LiFePo. The total weight of the heli is about 3.3kg. The motor has a very high efficiency. The current consumption is about 3500mAh for 12 minutes flying. I only fly arround (circles and eights) without 3d. For this the motor is perfect.

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Motor mount HK600gt Download [1]
Motor mount doesn't fit. Download [2]
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