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Turnigy USB Linker for AquaStar/Super Brain

Turnigy USB Linker for AquaStar/...

Turnigy AquaStar USB Linker 
Compatible with AquaStar water cooled esc and Super Brain series.

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Turnigy AquaStar USB Linker 
Compatible with AquaStar water cooled esc and Super Brain series.

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I dc not recommend this item, As my experience with this product was rubbish it did not work, did not turn out to be able to link with my Aquastar 160 amp ESC... and the support was very vague, Support told me my operating system is to new try using a different operating system. So in my understanding to use this product you need an old laptop or PC?

So I did and it still didn't work really bad Product if it cant work with modern Operating systems.... you should sell stuff that works in a modern world Hobby king....
Ho appena acquistato questo piccolo oggetto per $ 9,00 e senza mia richiesta esplicita mi avete addebitato più di $ 23 di spedizione "Prioritaria".
Questo comportamento non fa bene ne ai Vostri affari ne al mio portafoglio .... Oggi il magazzino HobbyKing UK ha perso un cliente.
I used mine once to program 4 esc -the next time it just stopped working -must have bought the faulty one - so have to buy another one hope it lasts longer than the last one
Well it is like a USB flash memorypendrive, weighs about 7 grams, about 2 inches of length, has a plastic case and I do not tested yet but I hope it works well .
Nice piece of kit - once you have found and downloaded the necessary software. Not easy to find the right version and HK really should upload this to the files tag here. Until this is done, get it from the International site: (this for my 45A but other sizes available there too)
Programming the ESC is less cumbersome than with a card and much easier than doing it from the transmitter. All this and read-out of relevant parameters when setting up.
Been using this on my SK flashed ESCs and it works exactly as described. Limited to flashing at 9600 baud so it is slower than direct to Atmel socket tool. Either this one or the Afro version would be a great tool to have.
Need the rest of my order to properly use and review this product, have pass 45 days already before it expire.
Not mentioned that this was needed to program a kk board. Also need adapter but good cheap device.
The low quality rating is due to that the setup contains an obsolete driver for CP210x. I installed the USB Linker on a Win 7 PC and it crashed (Blue Screen) as soon as I tried to download the Super Brain log. I had an old PC with XP where I could instal the USB Link with no problem. (OK, I had to move the COM port to a value below 9 as that is the highest number the SW accepts.) Then I downloaded a fresh CP210x driver from the Silicon Labs home page, but it was difficult to upgrade the driver. Had to manually delet the COM port and any Silab files in the Windows directory.
Now everything works fine in both PC!
I reflash SimonK ESCs with these. Your ESC needs to have the bootloader already installed with the prior version of SimonK. I was able to flash both with and without plusvoltage attached. So I removed the red wire based on RCGroups warnings some have fried their ESC.
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