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USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL Processors

USBasp AVR Programming Device fo...

USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL Processors

1 x USBasp Device
1 x Cable

Suits the HobbyKing Quadcopter Control Board.


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USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL Processors

1 x USBasp Device
1 x Cable

Suits the HobbyKing Quadcopter Control Board.


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No problem with it. It comes with a reduction to 6 pin.
No instructions, frustrating several hours of trying to figure it out. Was using to update KK2 Mini board. A few notes for anyone who may want to (don't, just spend this money and the price of the KK2 board and get a better board). VCC MOSI and GND is the top row away furthest away from LCD on the 6 pin plug at the top of the KK2 board. After installing the KKMulticopter (kk multi copter) program I still had to run the LIBUSB ( ( source forge search for libusb-win32 to find it) this will locate the USBASP and create a new INF so the KKMC app will find and use it. After doing this it worked just fine.
Fir those that are unaware, This is the programmer used to program the KK regulare board. May I sat it works well also.
Perfect quality. The pictures show only 6 pin interface but i have received 10pin version with 6 pin reduction, so you getting 2in1 for really good price :) I using it mainly for t9x, t9xr flashing opentx and have in plan to flash some older ESC's with it ...

Super kvalita, na obrazku je len 6 pinovy interface ale prisla mi verzia z 10 pinovym kablom a z redukciou na 6 pin takze obidva standarty v jednom zariadeni za super cenu :) Pouzivam to na flashovanie opentx do t9x a t9xr a planujem aj naflashovat nejake starsie ESCcka ...

the best USB programming device for flashing KK2 and also other devices. user manual is downlodable on HK website and it's very simply and easy to configure and use it.
Easy to use! I flashed the firmware on my gimbal controller and it now it works great!
much more sturdy then my old programmer.
herramienta til y fcil de utilizar para actualizar el firmware de los ESC o KK2
USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL proccessors
me cable cutter out one plug
6 wire for board and plug for USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL proccessors
you have instruction install cable 6 pin not 10 pin in the board turnigy 9x
picture or video for cable 6 pin
thank you all

An inexpensive item which is fortunate as the one I received was dead on arrival. Tried it on 3 different PCs (W10, W7 & Linux) all with the same result - nothing. If you are thinking of ordering I would get two...
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