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H-King Voltigeur 3D EPO Aerobatic Plane 1220mm (48") (PNF)

H-King Voltigeur 3D EPO Aerobati...

Hobbyking introduces the Voltigeur, which is the French word for aerobatic. Made from lightweight EPO foam and featuring large control surfaces coupled with masses of power, the Voltigeur is a true aerobatic performer and extreme 3D flying machine.


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Hobbyking introduces the Voltigeur, which is French for aerobatic.  


The Voltigeur is a true aerobatic performer and extreme 3D flying machine. Construction is from lightweight EPO foam and features large control surfaces coupled with masses of power. Perfectly balanced with a mid-mounted full symmetrical wing, large battery compartment, composite glass fiber wing tube, metal gear high-speed servos all round and all electronics preinstalled. Orientation is not a problem with the highly visible and unique color scheme.

Flying the Voltigeur is a dream, using the recommended 3S Lipo battery for aerobatics and sports flying it handles like a trainer, docile and extremely predictable, But it morphs into a 3D beast with that very same 3s battery. Everything from rolling circles, waterfalls, inverted harriers and blenders, nothing will stop the Voltigeur.

• EPO foam lightweight construction
• Large control surfaces for extreme 3D flying
• High-speed metal gear servos
• Ball link control horns
• Large easy to access battery hatch
• Composite glass fiber wing tube
• Aluminum undercarriage with lightweight wheels 
• High strength nylon wing bolts
• Highly visible and unique combination decals
• Scale pilot figure

Wingspan: 1220mm (48")
Length: 1280mm (50")
Take off Weight: 1500g (approx)
Motor: 4028 1000kv Brushless outrunner
ESC: 45A w/ 3A BEC
Prop: 13 x 6.5

1 x Minimum 4-6 channel transmitter and receiver
1 x 3S  Lipo battery 2200mAh 45-65c
1 x Licence to thrill


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Great plane. We became friends with the first start. Flew it today with 3S and with 4S.
Absolutely fantastic. Easy landings,good for torquing, very precise. Much better than the EXTRA 300 I had from a german firm. Buy the Voltigeur and you will never regret it.
just a further update I fly off grass field which is very good but the U/C on this just wont cut it , it takes off ok but on landing the very very soft allyo U/C just flatten it bens back easy just dont think it will last to long before it brakes
just a further update I fly off grass field which is very good but the U/C on this just wont cut it , it takes off ok but on landing the very very soft allyo U/C just flatten it bens back easy just dont think it will last to long before it brakes
Only one flight in and I love this plane. I paid $147.00 now available $111.00
Its a must get for any 3D plane enthusiast. A link to my first flight. I painted instead of appling all the stickers.
C/G 92mm
Quality is nice, and for 3s you're good right out of the box. I fly it on 4s, and changed the ESC and reduced the prop to a 13x4, pulling 60Amps. I placed a 60A ESC, which is just about enough. Do not use the stock ESC with the stock prop on 4s, that combo will do 70A+

I'm glad I sold my bravado and bought this one. It's a nice little 3D plane, it behaves like it should, even with a lot of wind. Landing gear isn't up to the job, it's not strong enough.

My flight footage from this weekend:
Just opened mine this evening and not impressed by the control horns which deflect with the lightest of pressure. Now reading about issues with the ESC I'm starting to think this might be short lived.

Will post back when I've flown it.
Nicely shaped and stiff for EPO. Servos have long horns and linkage is top grade. Comes with 3 large sheets of stickers. Gonna pass on installing the stickers, will be easier/faster to paint. Magnetic cowl mounts already set up out of the box. Nice aluminum landing gear and soft wheels with pants already installed. I cant wait to this painted and flying
Bought this plane because of the price, even if a kit setup, the price isnt too bad. The motor and esc are junk. Flew fine with 3s, once 4s was used, motor and esc burned up in the first 2 minutes of flight. Buy this plane if want a nice 3s setup, or are willing to change out the esc and motor.
I bought this on impulse as it looked like a great all-round sport / 3D flyer. I was initially going to replace my destroyed HK 1400mm Sbach 342 but thought I'd try something a little different.

The model arrived very well packaged and the quality of the parts was evident from the start. Nice clean mouldings and securely installed radio gear help to inference confidence in your purchase. The assembly is very straight forward: fit the undercarriage, bolt on the wings, glue on the tail surfaces and connect up the ball links on the elevator and rudder.
Digital metal-geared servos all round are a welcome touch.

The worst part was fitting the stickers. There are no references to where they go so it was down to working from photos off the website and guesswork. Took a while to install them all but it looks great once done. The tailwheel seems a little flimsy but it is functional. I thought that the wheels were a bit tight but this didn't seem to be a problem when the model was taxying.

There is no manual supplied, nor is it available to download. I contacted HK and they informed me that it would be around 4 weeks before it would be available. Ok if you are experienced enough to work out CofG etc by yourself, but not really a great idea to release a new product with no setup notes.

Maiden flight was very straightforward. Running a 3s 2650mah pack, with it pushed all the way forward, the aircraft balanced perfectly. Take-off was straight and true. The controls were very responsive and precise. I initially set the throws to 60% travel and 40% expo and I found that the ailerons were over-sensitive. I have upped the expo to 60% and this makes things more controllable until I get some more time with the plane. Only managed to get one flight with it due to a busy airfield so didn't get the chance to run 4s.

There have been some comments about the ESC not kicking in until 1/2 way on the throttle travel. This is correct if you just connect a battery and go, but if you calibrate the throttle range on startup, the ESC works perfectly.

A possible future upgrade would be a CF undercarriage. The supplied aluminium one won't take too much punishment from long grass of less-than-perfect landings. I might strengthen the wire on the tail wheel as it didn't respond too well when trying to turn left on the ground.

All in all, I'm pleased with the model. It is very well constructed and it looks great in the air. It looks and feels bigger than it actually is whilst in flight. Good value for money and forgiving to fly. Only let down by the lack of supporting information.

The model went together ok but the decals are a real pain in the B#t 2 MIN out in the sun and they start to peel off
first flight I used a 3S pack and found it to fly well I set my timer at 6 min which should have been ok for a NEWISH 2200 pack the model flew well with the throws set for aerobatics not 3D I was happy but at 5 min the model lost power managed to land ok but when I checked the battey it was down to 3% BUGGER also the ESC was quite warm but I had been flying at 3/4 to full power so I thought oh well not too bad

the second flight I fitted a 2600 4S pack and the increase in power was very noticable so to do the sportsman aero schedual I only required 1/2 to 3/4 throttle again at about 5 min it stared to loose powere so I landed and on checking the ESC I could not touch IT WAS HOT AS to the extent that I thought I had buggered it the battery pack was down to 20% which again is not good for only 5 min of 1/2 to 3/4 thro I am using the supplied prop so I think I may have to reprop it to reduce the load on ESC I also had the same issue with the ESC in that it doesnt start till you are about 1/2 thro as per Harlem stated in his review and Phill also had some issues with the 4S setup other wise its a nice aircraft
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