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Walkera NEW V120D02S 3D Mini Helicopter w/DEVO 7E Transmitter (RTF) (Mode 1)

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Walkera NEW V120D02S 3D Mini Helicopter w/DEVO 7E Transmitter (RTF) (Mode 1)

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The Walkera V120D02S is a feature packed mini 3D helicopter like no other! Its advanced 6-axis flybarless control system features both gyro and accelerometer stabilization making for the ultimate in precision flight capability. This combined with its ultra light airframe, high performance brushless motor and shaft driven tail system, the V120D02S delivers a level of power and responsiveness that is un-matched by any other mini 3D heli on the market today!

This mini heli is truly 3D capable - inverted flight, flips, loops, rolls and funnels, the V120D02S can do it all! Its shaft driven tail system provides "locked-in" performance that you would normally only expect from a much larger model.

Despite its extreme agility, the V120D02S is also ultra-stable thanks to its advanced 6-axis flybarless control system. This means that it's a great way for new pilots transitioning from a basic coaxial or fixed pitch heli to learn how to fly a 3D heli without the fear of a large investment or costly repairs.

If you're looking for exciting 3D heli action indoors or out, or simply looking to get into collective pitch helicopters without spending a fortune on larger models, the Walkera V120D02S is for you! It arrives completely ready to fly including a fully programmable DEVO 7E 2.4gHz radio transmitter, a 3.7V 600mAh lipoly battery, lipoly charger, spare blades and tail gear set. Simply charge the included flight battery and your ready to fly!

*Note: New stock now includes the stylish and feature packed Devo 7E transmitter!

• High precision 6-axis flybarless control system
• High performance brushless main motor
• Shaft driven tail system
• Ultra light airframe
• Extreme agility
• Fully 3D capable
• Fully programmable DEVO 7E 2.4gHz radio transmitter
• Completely ready to fly

Main Rotor Diameter: 308mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 85mm
Overall Length: 290mm
Weight: 100g (all-up flying weight w/battery)
Gyro: 6-axis (gyro and accelerometer)
Battery: 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po
Brushless Motor: WK-WS-15-001
Receiver: RX-2636H-D
Servos: WK-02-1
Transmitter: DEVO 7E (Mode 1 - right stick throttle)

1 x Walkera NEW V120D02S Mini 3D Helicopter
1 x DEVO 7E 2.4gHz radio transmitter (Mode 1)
1 x 3.7V 600mAh lipoly battery
1 x USB powered dual lipoly charger
1 x Replacement main blade set
1 x Replacement tail gear set
1 x Trainer port cable
1 x Adjustment screwdriver
2 x Hex wrench
1 x Bind plug
1 x User manual CD-ROM

4 x AA batteries (for radio transmitter)

  • Capacity (mAh) 0.00
  • Walkera NEW V120D02S 3D Mini Helicopter w/DEVO 7E Transmitter
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