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Walkera QR Y100 Wi-Fi FPV Mini HexaCopter IOS and Android Compatible (Mode 2) (Ready to Fly)

Walkera QR Y100 Wi-Fi FPV Mini HexaCopter IOS and Android Compatible (Mode 2)...


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The QR Y100 is Walkera's newest FPV mini hexacopter and is becoming very popular for good reason. This mini hexa has an on-board camera capable of sending back a live HD video feed via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to your IOS or Android device. It can even be flown from your mobile device meaning that you can fly it without a transmitter if you'd like. For those of you that prefer to fly with the traditional R/C transmitter, you can do so and still watch the live video feed via wi-fi on your phone or Tablet!

This FPV hexacopter features a super cool molded plastic body which gives it a very futuristic and  stylish look. The body is thin keeping it lightweight, yet is strong making the model very durable. The large propellers make the model very efficient and powerful. Flight times of well over 15 minutes can be achieved with a single battery pack.

The flight control system of the QR Y100 utilizes a high precision 6-axis gyro offering extremely stable flight characteristics. This makes it easy for beginners and makes for very precise control that experienced users will enjoy also. Great for FPV flying as the model is very stable.

The QR Y100 boasts some of Walkera's most advanced features such as "one key take-off", "one key land","one key go home" and "follow me" mode, all of which can be controlled easily from your Android/IOS device! Additionally, it features a high precision altitude sensor allowing you to simply take your hands off of the controls and watch the QR Y100 maintain its own altitude.

This version of the QR Y100 comes as "Ready to Fly" including the Devo 4 2.4GHz transmitter, a 1600mAh LiPoly battery and a dual port USB battery charger. You will simply need to add your own Walkera Devo series transmitter and/or IOS/Android device to fly.

• "Ready to Fly" - ready to fly with the included Devo 4 transmitter and/or IOS/Android device
• One key take-off, one key land, one key go to home and follow me functions
• Supports video recording/photo taking directly saved to IOS/Android device via Wi-Fi
• Super cool molded plastic body gives this quad a futuristic aircraft look
• On-board FPV camera providing a live video feed during flight
• 2.4GHz Wi-Fi link for flight control and sending live video feed to your IOS or Android device
• Can be flown with any Devo series transmitter or with your IOS/Android device via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi control
• Large propellers provide power and high efficiency offering flight times of over 15 minutes

Dimensions: 222x252x90mm
Flying Weight: 146g (w/Battery Installed)
Flight Time: 15 Minutes or More
Camera: Micro HD

QR Y100 FPV Mini Hexacopter
Devo 4 2.4GHz transmitter (Mode 2 version - left stick throttle)
3.7V 1600mAh LiPoly battery
USB dual battery charger
User manual CD

4 x AA batteries for transmitter


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It's been 30 days without a sign of the craft! Even with such poor ratings, i trust it is a great flying machine....Unfortunately, I have missed the birthday of my Nephew, as Hobby king is not responding to this order query! It is certain this message will get undisclosed; nevertheless with 2 stars, I can only test their luck!!!!!
For the 9 other shipment it"s been spot on, might you give in a little!!!
I can't wait to receive this crap FPV follloooowww mmmmeee craft! If it arrives one day......................................
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
I'm disappointed. I'm an experienced fixed wing pilot, but a beginner with heli's. I expected to use this as a simple flying camera. But it's not at all that stable as I expected. Takes a lot of practise to handle, and cant' stand any wind at all. Not a chance that I can keep it still enough for any real filming.
The Android app also has no possibility to shift controls, mode 1, mode 2 or even wich direction I hold my pad. Controls for ailerion and elevator only works right when phone or pad is held upright (portrait) but then you have the throttle below, and it goes sideways, rudder is up and down on that one. Completely useless, and no way to adjust. To make this adjustable would have been so damn simple within an app....
verified_user Quality
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  • Walkera QR Y100

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