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WL Toys V933 Skylark CCPM 6 Channel Flybarless Helicopter Ready to Fly 2.4GHz (Blue)

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WL Toys V933 Skylark CCPM 6 Channel Flybarless Helicopter Ready to Fly 2.4GHz (Blue)


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The V933 is a six channel collective pitch flybarless helicopter and is an awesome machine packed into a miniature ready to fly package.

The V933 is equipped with a 3-Axis gyro that assists the pilot in flight stability. The flybarless rotor head is designed with weighted main rotor blades for additional stability while the flybarless systems allows the CCPM rotor head to be kept simple for trouble-free set up and repair.

A unique feature of the V933 ability to flick the "Easy Control" switch located on top of the transmitter to enable the orientation of the helicopter to remain as normal when flying inverted, avoiding the usual problems associated in this situation. Some folks might think that this is cheating, in which case you can leave the function alone and fly the V933 as normal using the idle up switch.

The 6 channel 2.4 GHz transmitter has an easy to read LCD display and may be switched between stick modes by using the slider on the front of the case.

The V933 is suitable for inexperienced and experienced heli flyers alike and will not disappoint with its responsiveness and aerobatic abilities.

For those with experience and flight time with Co-Axial and Single Rotor Head helicopters it is an ideal progression into the world of collective pitch helicopters.

• 3D capable
• 3-Axis gyro control system
• Flybarless rotor system
• Automatic power-cut protection system
• 6 Channel 2.4 GHz transmitter with built-in LCD display
• "Easy Control" switch for inverted training
• Battery charger included

Length: 200mm
Height: 80mm
Rotor dia: 210mm
Weight: 31g
Range: 80-100m
Battery: 3.7V LiPoly (1s 180MAH)

Package includes:
1 x WLToys 6CH V933 Flybarless Helicopter
1 x 2.4G 6CH Transmitter w/ LCD Display
1 x USB Charger
2 x LiPoly Battery for Helicopter
1 x Set of Spare Main Blade
1 x Spare Tail Blade
1 x Spare Accessory Pack

4 x AA Batteries for Transmitter

  • Capacity (mAh) 0.00
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dldavis | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Nov 22, 2015

I've purchased this Helicopter and I am very happy with it. It is very responsive which also makes it a little twitchy and harder to fly than a larger Helicopter, but this is to be expected.

I've actually been able to learn to fly inverted with this Helicopter. I've crashed it dozens of times and it usually survives without any damage as long as you hit the throttle kill switch (right sw) as soon a possible. So far I've had to replace the tail boom once and the feathering shaft a couple of times. The blades will eventually get nicks and cracks after quite a few crashes. Parts can be found relatively easily at several different websites and are usually very inexpensive ($1 to $2 for plastic parts, $8 for servos, $20 for the main board, usually free shipping).

Overall, this is a great value and an inexpensive what to learn to fly inverted.

Greg | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Aug 26, 2015

This is the worse product that i have ever bought from Hobby king. the heli is unflyable.
With the tx and flight board standard you could not fly this heli, servos not smooth continues movement, would have staggered movement from one end to the other. (hooked servos up to another main board and tx and work perfectly). Frame, servos, motors are good for price just main board and tx not worth buying. I had to end up changing main board with a old one i had (off a different brand heli) just to get the thing to fly. not sure if the main board is the problem or the tx as the board i replaced the standard one with is capable of using a spektrum tx not the crap that this came with.

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