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X-UAV Lotus Quad –Copter with Water landing Capability (450mm)

X-UAV Lotus Quad –Copter with Water landing Capability (450mm)


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X-UAV introduces the Lotus, a foam structured quad copter with built in propeller guards, water landing floats and a 360 deg clear camera dome. 

The foam structure with integrated frame makes this quad very durable and light. The landing gear also acts as floats, allowing the quad the ability to safely fly over and land on water. The large water tight center bay can easily house all the critical electronics and battery, keeping them nice and dry. The other great feature about the foam construction is the built in propeller guards making this one of the safest frames for certain applications. And it would not be a X-uav without a 360deg bottom mounted optical Dome for your camera.

• lightweight foam structure
• water floats and water tight center bay
• Built in prop guards
• Durability and safety
• 360 clear bottom dome for camera

Wheelbase: 450
Size: 740x740x160mm
Weight: 515g

4 x 2212~4006 class motors and matched ESC’s
4 x 8~9 inch propellers
Flight controller
5ch Radio


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This is by far NOT for the inexperienced builder. Space, or lack thereof is THE main issue of the build. One would need to be prudent about the physical size of ESC used the length of motor cables and battery size. I had to remove & replace the plywood base tray 3 times in order to get it right. I am using a servo-op cam for tilt and whiles there ample room below the lower dome for such a mod, above it is a whole other story. One needs to measure your motor cables accurately as bundling up wires wont work. Use a pwr dist board to help save space, I mounted mine to the ply base and used nylon spacers to mount a CF board which acted as a sandwich where between the ESC sit. I then mounted my NAZA/PMU/4S LiPo on that. TIGHT FIT ! FPV Tx sits outside on frame pwr by dist board. Using Multistar 4000 4S Green LiPo I get 9 minutes swinging 0945 3 blade props on DIY Drone blue motors. Great flying machine in configuration REALLY HAPPY as its a tough little Quad too, Many intentional crashes and almost no serious damage only foam cracked on rotor guard once but poly skeleton is super tough ! Buy Build & Fly...Ps AUFW=1650g
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Sto installando 4 T motor 2216 con eliche apc da 10" riscontrando che queste sono a rischio, ruotano a filo supporto, anche volendo montare eliche pi piccole, il problema non si risolve perch esse flettono rischiando di impattare con il supporto motore a 4 punti di fissaggio.
Deluso lo sconsiglio, spero che modifichino tale problema che rende il frame impossibile da utilizzare.
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