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ZIPPY Flightmax 8400mAh 4S2P 30C LiFePo4 Pack

ZIPPY Flightmax 8400mAh 4S2P 30C...

Zippy Flightmax batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the market! No matter the application you have in mind, zippy lipoly batteries are an ideal choice.


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Zippy Flightmax batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the market! No matter the application you have in mind, zippy lipoly batteries are an ideal choice.

Capacity: 8400mAh
Voltage: 4S2P / 13.2V
Discharge: 30C Constant / 40C Burst
Weight: 1026g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 150mm x 52mm x 70mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: 5.5mm Bullet-Connector


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Speed (Sec/60deg):
  • Kv(rpm/v)
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg)
  • Diameter X(Inch):
  • Max Currents (A):
  • Power (W)
  • A(mm)
  • B(mm):
  • Length B (mm):
  • C(mm)
  • Can Length D(mm)
  • Max Voltage(V):
  • D(mm):
  • Shaft A(mm)
  • E(mm)
  • F(mm):
  • Diameter C(mm):
  • Total Length E(mm)
  • SKU
  • Weight(g):
  • Length:
  • Width
  • Height
  • Capacity (mAh):
  • Discharge(c):
  • Length-A(mm)
  • Height-B(mm)
  • Width-C(mm):
  • Unit Weight (g):
  • Max Charge Rate(C)
  • Watt Hour

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Older pack worked great. Bought 2 new ones and they both puffed first charge. The older pack was charged at the same time and kept running like the energizer bunny. Hopefully they get this sorted because it was a great pack!
I use this battery on a 2008 Yamaha R1 and oh my does it kick some serious ass!! It starts the bike like never before. I think that maybe the 4200mha battery would be sufficient! Its better than the A123 batteries that I used in my old R1(2000)
Great stuff! Build quality is excellent, high grade 8ga wire, even cell voltages, dunno why you would go anywhere else!
I bought this from Australia warehouse, charged ok but then did not hold charge when tested next day 3.3 volts again. Recharged but held no capacity. Old batteries worked fine. Are these faulty as also 4200 ones are not working with faulty cells too. LiPo batts work fine, never had faults. Brian Rau
Took a while to get it from Hobby King during the whole shipping fiasco last year but once I did receive it I must say I am very happy with it. I am an amateur radio operator here in Canada and I use it to power my low power (QRP) rigs when I am operating portable. The nominal voltage of 13.2 volts is perfect for my application and the 8.4ah capacity ensures I have a long operating time for rx and tx. I installed Anderson Power Pole connectors on the leads. I'm using the Turnigy Accucell 6 balance charger to balance charge it, which means charging is a slow process but no damage to the battery will occur. The batter quality is first rate, the plastic wrapping on the battery is tight and secure, the wires are all heavy duty and it is super light and a good size.
Perfect for my use.. highly recommended!
I am using this pack for heated gloves (12V 2A).
Yes I know it's overkill, but safety first!

They are working great in cold condition and more safety when undervoltage or overvoltage.

Rating is 4 stars because of the price and capacity.
Ich habe den Akku noch nicht genutzt, habe aber die Spannung nach Anlieferung

gleich berprft. Alle 2 von mir gekauften Akkus wurden perfekt balanciert. Alles weitere wird sich zeigen.
Bought one of these to supply power to the transponder in my (full size) sailplane, it's a LS8-18. Cells were well balanced when battery was delivered and were at about 60pcnt capacity. I charged/discharged a couple of times down to 3V per cell (12V cutoff) which I believe is very conservative for a LiFe Po pack. Discharge was done via a 12V 55W auto headlight bulb. The readings were impressive, 4A current over about 1:45 min with very slight drop in voltage over the first hour or so. I have a current, voltage, Ah meter that was attached during the discharge process. The cutoff capacity was shown as 7,200 mAh, somewhat short of the claimed 8,400 but I could have continued the discharge safely for at least 15 min, I believe. The stated capacity is probably correct.
The cell voltages during several discharge/charge cycles were very close, only about .03V max difference. Had only one flight with the battery, about 3 hour duration. Discharge current by the transponder is about 0.8A. The battery was wrapped in a LiPoly pouch and then in an aluminum tray for safety.
Just trying out this popular battery used on track. Looks well made.
Von 12 gekauften Akkus waren nach 6 wochen 7 defekt!Es hat immer die erste zelle erwischt.Die defekten Zellen haben eine kleinere Spannungslage und lassen sich nicht mehr auf 3,6 Volt laden und gasen!
Ladegeraet (Hobbyking) funkioniert anstandslos ,entladestrom ist nur ca.10 A (ebike)Hobbyking tauscht nicht,obwohl ein Produktionfehler offensichtlich ist....Deshalb Mindestpunktzahl von mir.
3 Monate keine Antwort von HK,jetzt ablehnung vom Umtausch.
Zellen schlecht,Service noch sch....
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