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Avios (PNF) Spitfire MkVb Super Scale 1450mm MTO Scheme Warbird w/80A ESC

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Avios (PNF) Spitfire MkVb Super Scale 1450mm MTO Scheme Warbird w/80A ESC


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Welcome to the ultimate scale experience. The Avios Spitfire MkVb has been built using super-scale, a new modeling technique that allows for incredible detail. Featuring more artistry than the 1100mm Spitfire, the larger model has visible panel lines, exhaust, cannons, and scale split flaps with turn indicators for added realism.

The Avios Spitfire MkVb is the perfect warbird for flying at your local club. Designed in collaboration with Tom Hunt, the warbird has pre-installed electronics, a replaceable rudder, and navigational lights on the tail and wings. Slide the canopy back, then lower the cockpit door to reveal the interior details, including instrument panels and gun sight. The front of the canopy also includes a removable armored glass to make room for an FPV camera. Made of bolt-together EPO foam parts, the Avios Spitfire MkVb is easy to store and transport when traveling to the airfield. The plane also has a large battery tray, ball-link controls for precision, and hidden control surfaces for a realistic look.

The Spitfire MkVb variant as modeled by Avios was used by the Desert Air Force during the North African campaign. It sports a large Vokes air filter under the nose which was fitted to filter out the dust and dirt of the rough strips they had to operate from. The model is supplied fully painted, but the decals are not applied at the factory, this allows you to choose which version of the MTO scheme to make your own. Two sets of high-quality vinyl decals are supplied, these are 1 x RAF and 1 x USAAF. The RAF scheme belonged to a Polish Fighting Team RAF Squadron known as "Skalski Circus", and the USAAF scheme belonged to the 2nd Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Group known as the "American Beagle Squadron".

You'll fall in love with the accuracy and detail of this super-scale model.

• Superscale details like panel lines, exhaust, cannons, and scale split flaps with turn indicators
• Navigational lights on the tail and wings
• Pre-installed electronics with 80A ESC
• Canopy and cockpit door open to reveal interior details
• Hidden control surfaces for a realistic look
• Large battery tray made of composite material
• Two sets of high-quality vinyl decals supplied, RAF, and USAAF to make the MkVb your own

Wingspan: 1450mm (57.5")
Flying Weight: 2640~2750g (92.6~96.5oz)
Material: EPO
Motor: SK3 5055-380KV brushless
ESC: Aerostar 80A ESC with XT90 connector
Propeller: 15x10 3-blade
Servos: 2 x 9g, 4 x 17g

6ch Transmitter and Receiver
Battery: 3000-4000mAh 6S with XT90 connector
Charger: Suitable for a 6S LiPo battery
1 x 9gm servo for yoke control (Optional)

Please note: A copy of the Instruction Manual is available under the "Manul/Files" tab.

  • IC / 2 : Elec Electric
  • Apertura alare ( mm ) 1450.00
  • Avios Spitfire MkVb Super Scale 1450mm Warbird Product Review
  • Flight Demo and Re-visit of the Avios Spitfire MkVb 1450mm Warbird in USAAF Markings.
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JS | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Beautiful Spitfire

Sep 12, 2023

Fantastic model with lots of scale details. Looks authentic, and flies nicely like the real one (as far as I can tell, I have not flows real Spitfire..) Scale details are amazing in this class - nice looking realistic size, placed and angled retracts (many other models have too small tires, and retract placed wider that the real destroying the Spitfire looks) , authentic split flaps including the small moving doors for the flap pushrod/horn on the top, led lights, the cockpit with nice dials and even moving control stick! (needed an extra servo for that). Realistic look and size propeller, etc, etc. Quite easy to put together although manual is not describing all the details well. Biggest task is to place the decals. I did on my model some further scale enhancements like partial pilot seat and some weathering like exhaust smoke stains and made the radio mast removable for easier and safer transport. I have flown it few times now and overall it is surprisingly stable for a RC warbird. I have done and flown quite many and this is from the most gentle one to handle. Takeoff is easy, not need to use the whole power and not much torque roll issue. The motor, 6 cell power line and big 3 bladed prop pulls the plane with authority, there is really much reserve power. In the air my model tend to raise nose quite easily even I think CG is ok, I needed to trim it down quite much. There does not seem to be much down thrust for the engine, maybe that is why it likes to pull up a bit. Landing is quite easy as well, no tendency to stall surprisingly. Noses down quite easily on landing if grass is a bit longer. In my model one of the aileron servos centers poorly, I may need to replace it at some point although I have flown with it without much issue. Overall very positive, 1 star minus because of the servo and some other small issues.

Madmarkus | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Beautiful model with lots of scale detail

Jan 18, 2023

Great size that allows for some awesome scale details you’d usually expect in much larger and more expensive aircraft. I dont so fpv but the plane even came with a pan and tilt setup. Still assembling and adding my own touches but really look forward to the maiden

William | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Fantastic looking plane

Oct 20, 2021

Looks amazing, good fit and finish, lovely model.

Dani | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Beste Spitfire

Aug 28, 2021

Super model. Viele Details, alles passt gut zusammen.
Sie fliegt absolut stabil und hat ein traumhaftes flugbild.

Jan | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Cool Spitfire

Jun 06, 2021

This Spitfire is in attractive camouflage and marking. There are some issues but overall very nice Spitfire.

Michael | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Tolles Scalemodell mit ordentlich Power

Aug 03, 2020

Sehr gute Verarbeitung, gute Komponenten und viel Spaß beim Fertigstellen und Fliegen. Den beigefügten Regler hab ich nicht benutzt und direkt gegen einen Neuron Regler von Frsky ausgetauscht. Aber nur wegen der Telemetrie, regeln kann der mitgelieferte Regler sicher auch gut. Habe einen maximalen Strom von 50-55A und auch der BEC Strom ist mit maximal 3-4A im normalen Bereich. 7min gemischte Flugzeit ergeben einen Verbrauch von ca.2200mA. Bei dem eingesetzten 4000mAh 6S Lipo sollten also gute 9 min Flugzeit mit genügend Reserve möglich. Fliegerisch ist die Spitfire nicht sehr anspruchsvoll. Nur Start und Landung wegen des engen Fahrwerks etwas knifflig. Hab hier ein wenig modifiziert und auf dem Flügel etwas Plastik aufgeklebt damit sich die Radverkleidung hierauf abstützt, die Mechanik eher stoppt und damit der Radstand etwas breiter wird.
Der von mir eingesetzte Turnigy Heavy Duty 4000mAh 6s 60c wiegt 675g und macht mind. 10g Blei im Heck notwendig. Der Lipo wird nicht mal handwarm, daher wäre auch weniger C-Rate mit weniger Gewicht machbar.
Das einzige was mir wirklich fehlt ist eine passende Pilotenpuppe, Platz ist genug vorhanden. Bei den Rädern unbedingt die zweiteilige Felge verkleben.
Ansonsten völlig zufrieden.

robert | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

MTO Spitfire

Mar 22, 2020

Nice plane, finish is a little rough. Instructions appear to be complete until you come to the wiring...not a single word about what to connect where, especially the LED lights, of which the leads are too short. Also no mention of where to place the rcvr.

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Spitfire MkVb Instruction manual Download [8]
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