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Durafly SlowPoke 1200mm (47.2 polegadas) PNF (Esquema Vermelho)

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Durafly SlowPoke 1200mm (47.2 polegadas) PNF (Esquema Vermelho)


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O Durafly SlowPoke é um modelo de espuma EPO de design clássico. Somando-se ao design de vôo fácil do SlowPoke, Durafly adicionou algumas rodas maiores para torná-lo ainda mais fácil de decolar e pousar em uma ampla variedade de campos. Um grande avião para seu primeiro taildragger de asa baixa ou para o piloto experiente e exigente que deseja um avião de excelente aparência e fácil de voar.

A grande asa torna mais fácil voar até pousos em ritmo de caminhada. A usina (motor 3648 700KV e 40A ESC) fornece toda a energia de que você precisa. Todos os servos 9g são pré-montados para facilitar a construção. As ligações esféricas nas superfícies de controle proporcionam um controle suave e preciso para os melhores voos realistas.

Como todos os aviões Durafly, a montagem leva quase nenhum tempo. A espuma EPO extra suave fornece uma aparência excepcional e quando você inclui os fios de amarração, o motor de plástico falso, os detalhes do cockpit e o piloto, eles fornecem uma aparência extremamente realista. O SlowPoke é um avião pelo qual você não pode passar sem virar a cabeça.

Portanto, seja o primeiro em seu campo a desfrutar de voar no Durafly SlowPoke.

• Fácil de construir com EPO suave, leve e durável.
• Formato Plug and Fly, basta adicionar seu próprio sistema de rádio e bateria (não incluso)
• Alto nível de pré-fabricação, requer apenas alguns minutos para montar
• Características de vôo extremamente suaves, especialmente em vôo lento
• Acabamento em pintura de alta qualidade
• Motor de modelo fictício para maior realismo
• Tampa forte de plástico totalmente moldado
• Acesso fácil e direto ao compartimento da bateria e do rádio
• Controle total de 4 canais: elevador, leme, acelerador e aileron
• Material rodante pré-montado com rodas grandes
• Links de bola em todos os controles


Envergadura: 1200mm
Comprimento: 940mm
Peso de voo: 1380g
Motor: 3648 700KV outrunner sem escova
ESC: Aerostar 40A c / XT60
Prop: 12x8”
Servos: 9g x 4

Seu próprio transmissor e receptor de no mínimo 4 canais
Bateria LiPo 3S de 2200mah ~ 2700mAh

  • IC / 2: Elec Electric
  • Envergadura 1200.00
  • Length(mm) 940.00
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Josh | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Cool unique plane.

May 22, 2024

Cool little plane that was quick and easy to build. I've seen some videos of people saying this is a heavy model but it really isn't that heavy for its size. The thin rudder and elevator control rods where a concern at first but so far they're holding up. Changes i made to mine was softer wheels all around, a white spinner and a female pilot. She fly's nice and fast on 4s (Wouldn't dream of flying it on 3s) and can be floaty when you need it to be. Its the only plane of its kind at the field so it turns heads. Durafly knows how to make a model.

WingsofTime | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Good flyer

Jan 15, 2023

The Slow poke is a great flyer very aerobatic
Easy to see in the air and the paint scheme
Is so striking .

Pierre | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Spot on and according description

Oct 15, 2022

Delivered in time, assembling easy and good flying behavior

ekajoe | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

This plane is fun

Oct 12, 2022

Flew this today and tried moving the battery back - don't do it. This plane flies well on a three cell and is very fun-to-fly.

John | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Excellent second plane

Sep 09, 2022

Purchased this after learning to fly on the bixler 1.1. Excellent plane for a learner,first low wing.Highly recommended for your second plane. Always use quatler throttle when landing or the plane will turn in to kangaroo mode.Would purchased again.

Petitbrahma | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Grat planes!

Sep 06, 2022

Wonderfull plane, very acrobatic and easy to control. With 4s you have enough power to make a full aerobatics table.
Thanks hobbyking!!!

silver wings | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

fun plane

Aug 12, 2022

This is a durable plane. It's solid and well made. Good power ratio. Solid landing gear. A tank - kind of on the heavy side. I bit more tricky to fly for beginners.

Konrad | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Klasse Flieger

Aug 01, 2022

Super Modell, gibt viele bei uns Im Verein.

SaltyDawg | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great plane and flying well....but

Jul 26, 2022

What a great plane and as the name saying it does fly slow. To will fly pretty fast too. My only issue is the motor, the magnets that are glued to the rotating housing on my plane have come loose in flight. they actually started rubbing on the back plate of the motor. I did email Hobby King asking them about this as I HAVE ONLY FLOWN THE PLANE 3 -4 TIMES before this happened.
Now I don't hear well as is, but on the last flight one of my flying club members mentioned to me that it sounded like something was rubbing. Luck I was headed down the runway anyway and did a dead stick landing. We inspected the faux piston on the side of the nose cowl and no sign of rubbing. But once I rotated the motor....BAM the motor, rotating magnets were/are rubbing the back plate.

David | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Motor separated on maiden flight

Jul 17, 2022

I have to start with that I have other Durafly aircraft that i absolutely love (Vampire and Ugly Stick). This one has some issues. Assembly was pretty easy and the airplane looks great. Paint is similar to the ugly stick in that it comes off easily. On the initial take off of the maiden, at about 6 to 10 feet up the motor came apart. The outer shell and propeller with shaft left the airplane. It immediately rolled right and hit a barricade. After further inspection, the c-clip holding the motor together at the back of the shaft either came out or was missing. The motor was fine at initial testing but wasn't under heavy load. I wouldn't have been able to check it unless I had removed the motor. Maybe i just got the one lemon motor. YMMV. Hobbyking wouldn't replace anything since it was involved in a crash. I put in a different motor and while I was in there I also upgraded the ESC. I also repaired the minor damage to the wing and fuselage. Now it flies well. Takeoffs are an adventure as it easily gets squirrely. I just gun it and give it up elevator to get it off the ground quickly so that I can then fly it. As others have mentioned, landings on grass are easy. Landing on a hard surface is tricky as it wants to ground loop every time. It is like a professional drift racer skidding into a parking spot. Flies well once in the air but getting it up and back down can be an adventure.

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