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The terms bush plane, bush flying, and bush flyer simply refer to any fixed-wing aircraft that are specifically designed to be flown in remote areas. These remote areas - dubbed “the bush” - are otherwise inaccessible by ground or water transportations. To be operable in such archaic terrains where landing strips are mostly non-existent, bush planes have certain characteristics which make them fit-for-purpose. Here are four of the most common and desirable traits of a bush plane.

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[JUST ARRIVED]: The New Avios BushMule V2! Out now with available spare parts!

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Posted on: Feb 23, 2021 | Posted in: General News, Planes |Метки: Avios BushMule V2, Avios, product launch, HobbyKing | Leave a comment

The HobbyKing Inventor Portal is our program that connects creators with our product development, engineering, and manufacturing divisions. If you are the creator of a unique product and would like the chance to work with us to bring your product to market, then this is your chance!

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The R/C hobby can be quite confusing especially for beginners. Here is a comprehensive guide to understanding the R/C Lingo. Check back regularly as we will continue to update this R/C glossary.

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The new EASA Unmanned Aircraft Regulation has been enacted into law on the 31st of December 2020. But what does that mean for you as a recreational flyer? Here is everything you need to know broken down into bite-sized sections.

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Rosenmontag is here: Get 10%* Off Your Order with coupon code: KARNEVAL21.

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Looking for Durafly, Turnigy, or HobbyKing caps, t-shirts, or other merchandise? Then shop our collection of awesome hobby apparel featuring unique designs from our community. Best of all, they’re on sale with free shipping where eligible!

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? This may be true in most cases, however, in the RC hobby, being proactive will always cost you less than being reactive. Regular maintenance will ensure a properly working aircraft. Here are four simple check-ups you can do to safeguard yourself and others while you rip through the skies and not into the crowds.  

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Thank you to everyone who participated in January's competition. The bar has definitely been raised with an arsenal of photos showcasing the glistening sceneries of winter, to the picture-perfect moments captured by the lake. All the entries were truly captivating, and we applaud everyone who participated.

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