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Alloy DPS 64mm 10 blade Electric Ducted Fan Assembley 3300Kv

Alloy DPS 64mm 10 blade Electric...

The alloy Dynamic Power Series fans are of the very highest quality. The construction of this ready to fit and fly unit offers a combination of huge power with reliability and efficiency.

Featuring a 10-blade impeller and 4 stator alloy...

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The alloy Dynamic Power Series fans are of the very highest quality. The construction of this ready to fit and fly unit offers a combination of huge power with reliability and efficiency.

Featuring a 10-blade impeller and 4 stator alloy housing, this fan provides an amazing sound and spectacular performance!

The impeller is factory dynamically balanced resulting in turbine-like smoothness. This superb EDF unit is totally pre-assembled complete with motor, simply fit to your model, connect to your ESC and tear up the sky!

EDF Rotor Diameter: 64mm
Outer Diameter: 68mm
Construction: Alloy
Motor Type: B2950 3300kv
Max Power: 1000w (continuous)
Max Voltage: 14.8v (4S)
Max Amps: 68A
Max Thrust: 1.40kg
Weight: 236g 



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Der Impeller ist super gewuchtet und hat in keinem Drehzahlbereich Vibrationen. Eingebaut in meinem Stinger 64 komme ich auf folgende Messdaten.
Regler Hobbyking 80A ESC 4A SBEC, Timing Auto
Turnigy Graphene 45C 2200
Stromaufnahme 73,5Ah
1120gr Schub
Negativ ist nur sein hohes Gewicht, was allerdings beim Stinger kein Nachteil ist, da ich sonst Blei im Heck gebraucht htte, um den Schwerpunkt einzuhalten.
Amazing power but mine vibrated like crazy so I've sent it back
I am using it for the Stinger 64 MK 2 jet. It fits perfect and the power is wow. Measured 228 km/h speed for the stinger. The sound is fantastic.
Operating data: 80 Amp SBEC, 4S 2700mAh 40C Lipo - measured current 58A (974 Watts). For the Stinger is about 1.200W/kg - amazing performance. :-))
Get these for any 64mm edf that has gear. Quiet and fast. Takes a little time but they sound and perform great.
I installed a set of these along with a set of the Turnigy 85 amp ESC into my Dynam A-10
The fit was pretty good with little modification. The ESCs did need some modification. The plane will fly vertical on 4S with no problems. I have not flown on 3S. Take is in half the distance as the stock EDFs. The sound is like the real thing just amazing. I had to mount the ECS into the fuselage under the engine nacelles. I included pictures below. Also I confirm that these units have the Dr. Mad Thrust logos on them.
I'm using this on a Freewing 64mm F22. Fits very well, minor foam triming for motor wires to channel through. In air frame produces 63A and 931w using 4s 2650mah lipo. Comes assembled and pretty balanced. There was minor vibration at a specific RPM, not bad though. Ordered 4/2014 and still had Dr Mad Thrust sticker on it.
fantastic edf sounds like a real jet engine and flies even on a 5s 3000 Mah
Lipo with 50A ESC with Ubec. My speed record with a Garmin GPS in T4 Hawk 155 KM /H . Next Chalenge with 6S in sam e setup. This toy gives me an enormous enjoyment.
LOVE THIS THING, put it in my Stinger 64 MkII and finally get 150MPH regularly. I recommend this EDF unit for the following reasons:
-Ease of Use (Installation)
-All Around Value

By the way, the Product Techs at HK recommened this 85a 100amp burst Turnigy ESC:

It has made all the difference, I Have added videos and file photos of its performance which were taken when I had just a 60a ESC, so its even more amazing now.
I fit this on a Sonic 64 along with a 60A UBEC ESC and 2200 mAh 4s 30C battery. The addition of weight to both front and aft seems to have balanced out really well so that it has a good CG.

The airplane now has much more power, but only to be used for short 10 second bursts due to high heat in the cockpit and 85A burst limit of the ESC. It achieves unlimited vertical easily, and cruises at about 35pcnt throttle with a very clean, quiet sound.
Put this in a T45 64mm Goshawk Jet with a Turnigy dlux 100A sbec esc and running on 4 cell nano-tech A-spec 65-130c , and it flys realy nice its quick for me ,so easy to hand launch, almost takes off from your hand ,and the sound is just amazing not flying flat out yet and getting about 3min with battery still having about 30/40 pcnt left .. will put a watt meter on this week and post figures .
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