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HobbyKing CIRRUS-D 650mm F3A Indoor Flyer (PNP)

HobbyKing CIRRUS-D 650mm F3A Indoor Flyer (PNP)

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The HobbyKing® ™ Cirrus D is a super lightweight, high-performance F3P 3D plane that is sure to bring a smile to your face.  With its huge control surfaces, wing fences and air brakes, this model is the perfect indoor flyer or park flyer and will perform the most radical of aerobatic maneuvers with great precision. 


Constructed of durable foam and reinforced extensively with carbon fiber and then covered in clear lightweight mylar, the Cirrus D is at the forefront of F3P design.  


This ARF version includes a light weight 1904 1700Kv BL motor, 6A ESC, 3 x 3.5g servos and a GWS 7035 Prop, all of which are perfectly suited for extreme aerobatics.  Simply add your own battery and a 4 or 6 channel radio and RX and you're ready for takeoff.


• Super lightweight construction
• Carbon Fiber re-inforced
• Fully aerobatic design
• Wing fences and airbrakes
• F3P ready 


Wingspan: 650mm
Length: 730mm
Flying Weight: 110g
Airframe Weight: 39g 
Motor: 1904 1700kv BL motor
Servos: 3 x 3.5g


Requires: (Not Included)
Radio: 4CH - 6CH (required)
Battery: 250~500mAh 7.4V (required)


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Thought I was buying a typical PNF plane. This plane comes in kit form, requires lots of tedious work to build. Lower body, mid body, and wing supported by several 1.5 mm diameter carbon fiber rods of various lengths. Once in place, including landing gear, these rods make it tough to install servos as they are like a web of carbon -- If you have short fat fingers, good luck. Instead of a single rod to connect elevator and rudder to the servo, they are connected by thin thread like string,(2perservo arm) acting like a push/pull mechanism.

If your into building planes this wouldn't be a bad kit, but if your wanting a PNF plane requiring little set up time this is not the plane for you. I am just finishing up the build, once I get it in the air I'll add my final thoughts. My reason for buying this plane is to fly it at an indoor fly event, again I'm not happy with all the building.
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verified_user Quality
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Not a bad plane, went together well using exclusively UHU POR except for the push rod carbon fibre to Z bend joints (CA). Disappointed with the al up weight of 120g using turnigy 300mah 2s battery weighing 19g. some weight could be saved with smaller battery but overall all the components are rather too heavy for size of plane. achieving correct CoG means tail weight even with battery and RX moved as far back as practical so just adding more weight. It actually flies quite well (we use a 4 badminton court sports hall) but too fast due to weight for real F3P style flying. Overall not a bad package for indoor but much better options are out there including the Matrix from HK.
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